Friday, November 28, 2014

Is It Necessary?

Do we really have to shop every day of the year? 

Is it necessary to leave home and exchange cash for goods on Thanksgiving?

Can't we take one day away from the hustle and the bustle and the need to accumulate?
Did the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, performing with a pop singer I did not know, need to shake their butts and caress their breasts, in close ups, at 5 o'clock on Thanksgiving afternoon? 

Elvis appalled the 1950's with his pelvic gyrations.  I wonder what my grandparents would have to say about what we're seeing today.
Does the dog have to bark furiously just as the baby is falling asleep? 

How does he know?
Do football players have to perform self-congratulatory dances after making routine catches and tackles? 

I don't remember attacks of terpsichory after a particularly effective social work interview.
Did I really need to eat the third helping of turkey and stuffing this afternoon? 

Was the berry pie with ice cream really necessary?

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