Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to You!

Sitting on the couch, snuggling with FlapJilly, as Little Cuter dices and slices and purees.

Looking down the couch at my boy and my husband discussing football and basketball and Ferguson.  San Francisco living has transformed my somewhere-to-the-right-of-Attila-the-Hun son into a left-wing-nut.... and I love it.  His father is bemused.

Smelling sweet potatoes baking, salivating and fantasizing about casseroles and mash-ables and
slice-ables and dip-ables. 

Listening to cooing and squealing, feeling tiny toes and fingers squirming.

Remembering Daddoo and G'ma and Nannie and G'paw and Thanksgiving dinners past... laughing about burnt rolls and too much creamed spinach and after dinner walks in the snow.

Feeling thankful for all of you reading The Burrow, for Gabby Giffords' strength and inspiration, for the Prince Elementary School Mustangs' enthusiasm and love, for those who GRIN with me and walk with me and learn with me.

Today is a good day - the sun came up and I was here to see it. I am truly blessed.

And then, there's this:



  1. Cute - cute, cute, cute. She takes a great picture.

  2. She's a little doll. Just goes to show what love does in raising a child


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