Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sharing the Love

Yogi Marsha sent me a copy of the Metta Sutta to share with you.  I'm using it for today's post, hoping that you will read these four lines, repeating them three times for each person/group described below.  Just change the I to "the patients in the hospital" or "the survivors in Oregon" or whoever else you've chosen.

I'm overwhelmed today.  There is so much bad news.... like the shooter who heard school was closing in a few days so he rushed over for his fifteen minutes of fame.  It's too much of a stretch for me to send love his way right now, but those on the receiving end of the bullets will be in my words and heart today.  It's not enough, it's just all I can do.

Repeat it softly, slowly, carefully.  Pause after each period.  Share the love and kindness.  The world needs it.

Metta Sutta

May I be filled with love and kindness.

May I be well.

May I be at peace and at ease.

May I be happy (contented).

When you radiate the Metta for yourself and for others you can visualize the person in front of you, happy and at ease.

Say the Love-Kindness Meditation for:
  • Yourself
  • Your teacher (person who gave you the Metta Meditation)
  • A benevolent person or animal (someone you cherish)
  • A total stranger or a neutral person (someone you do not know personally, i.e. someone you have seen in the news or on T.V.)
  • An enemy or difficult person ( someone that when you think about them, you feel a lot of tension or constriction in your heart, or someone with whom you have a mild to moderate disagreement or someone you want to forgive but cannot) *IMPORTANT: Start with the person who is the easiest to forgive  and not the hardest.
PLEASE REMEMBER: The Metta Meditation is not a romantic or selfish love. This is divine unconditional love.

Please be aware that the Metta Meditation should not be misused
as whatever you give out returns to you in full force.

The Metta Meditation should be done in this order:

For five to eleven minutes daily;

You can do it in addition to your Meditation practice or separately;

You can also do it before you get out of bed in the morning or
before you fall asleep in bed at night.


This Meditation is very powerful; it will give you equanimity and it purifies the heart, calms the spirit and increases the circulation in the body.

The more love you radiate to others, the more love will come back to you (whether you can feel it or not ).

Your plants and animals will also benefit from the Metta meditation.
This Meditation is 27,000 years old and Yogidevi Ma’at is passing this Empowerment on to you as her teachers passed it on to her; therefore, each time you share it with your loved ones, neighbors or friends you will strength the lineage from the time of the Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) and you spread world peace !
(From Yogidevi Ma'at via Yogi Marsha.... if you want to send some love and kindness their way.)


  1. The shooter was 15 and a kid at the school. More details aren't needed but i would guess his target was the teacher he only grazed. The boy he killed was probably just in the wrong spot. The guns were likely bought legally by his parents, supposedly secured, but not well enough. Whether the shooter had mental issues, I don't think they know yet but one person saw him getting off the school bus and he looked mad.

    I think our problem is our entitlement society and I don't mean about the poor. I mean the attitude we are owed everything and if it does not go our way, then we need to blame someone. I also think the violent games and movies sure don't help but we don't yet know this kid watched or played any of them. Whether he was mentally off with schizophrenia isn't really necessary if he thought his rage justified him doing such a thing.

    I am not a Buddhist, don't follow their agenda. What I believe about anger toward others is we need to release it and any hate. We do not need to love someone or try to say their actions are the equal of anybody else's. Buddhism has an agenda I just don't buy into but then I am not a religious person period. What I think is required for our own sake is release our anger and rage but it's for us, not for them.

    I also think metal detectors, more mental health programs, but with the internal rage that seems to be simmering over everywhere right now and at all levels, I don't know if any of it can stop what happened here. Nobody can really get all the guns and trying to do that will end up with getting none of them. Blocking sales to minors already would've prevented this kid from buying a weapon and whether was mentally disturbed or a psychopath, the parents had a responsibility to keep their guns safe. Looks like they thought they had. I feel so sorry for the parents of the innocent boy :(

    1. So much.... I love that you share your internal conversations with us <3

      I'm not a Buddhist, either. I'm not anything (tho culturally I'm Jewish through and through!!). The Metta Sutta is all for me; I can feel the release. I'm not ready to concentrate that much on "the other" right now.

      Like you, I see it as a cultural issue (the June 12 post speaks to this). I was thinking about the shooting before this one.... and that sentence alone is enough to send me to meditation (which is really a non-religious mindfulness and breathing practice for me).

      Once again, parents not securing weapons is at the root of "how." I'd love to see jail terms and restitution from the parents.. .let them have some skin in the game, too.

      Mental issues for the Oregon shooter? He's a teenage boy... they define mental confusion (again, see tomorrow's post). It's an ugly mix with guns.

      I'm going to mull over your entitlement/blame paradigm; it rings true to me.

      And see.... we've proven that it is possible to have a rational conversation about a divisive issue!

  2. I'm getting ready to go to bed and am going to do this meditation. Thank you!

    Sending hugs,

    Megan xxx


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