Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dancing In The Streets.... to Shakespeare

Beautiful Annie asked us to her latest adventure, and Elizibeth and Miss Texas and I took her up on the invitation.  Among her many talents lies the heart of a ballerina.  Combine that with doing good, helping kids, making Tucson a better place and you have her dancing one of the adult leads in  A Midsummer Night's Dream, music by Felix Mendelssohn.

You know the tune, even if you've never been to a ballet. Close your eyes, imagine a bride and a long aisle, and hear the music.  I knew the connection intellectually; I'd never seen it until Sunday afternoon.

Are you wondering about Annie dancing "one of the adult leads"?  This production was staged by Dancing in the Streets AZ, a six year old not-for-profit founded, by Soleste Lupu and Joeseph Rodgers.  Using a modest sum of money received in celebration of their wedding (their) South Tucson program is dedicated to helping underachievers and low-income families assume personal responsibility for their future through the discipline of dance and the teamwork of performance.

The write up goes on, and I can't say it any better: As an at-risk child himself, (Joeseph) is proud to be able to give back to the community that helped him see another, better way of life and to help others do the same.

We felt pretty good about the whole event before the curtain went up.
That magical tree was the backdrop for Mini-Pixie Fairies and Wood Nymph Sprites and Butterfly Fairies and Spiders and Lizards and other Magical Forest Creatures.
Those boys were graceful and athletic and poised as they tormented and frolicked and leapt, sending the audience into giggle mode in an instant.
The butterflies were stunning, their buns perfectly lacquered in place, nearly all their wings remaining firmly affixed as they flitted and then stood, arms and feet in perfect position. 

The big girls were ballerinas.  There was no doubt.  As Miss Texas and I watched in amazement, several of them were fully en pointe.  We spent some time later that evening trying to bend our feet into a position which would hold our entire bodies upright.... while dancing... and twirling... and leaping... as they did, effortlessly.  They were floating on air.

It was over before we knew it, and we were out on the street in front of the Temple of Music and Art, when Elizibeth and I smiled over Miss Texas's head as we remembered Puck, the master of ceremonies of the dream.  UofA grad and local high school dance teacher Marquez Johnson kept the kids in place while flying over the stage, propelled by those muscles.......
There was something for everyone that afternoon.

Warned about the dangers of flash photography, I could only record the scene on stage as the dancers posed for pictures after the performance ended.  Apologies for the poor picture quality.

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  1. Love ballet, but haven't been to s a performance in a while. Somewhat afraid to take my oldest, 'cause then she will want to do that. She wants to do everything under the sun and she doesn't realize that these things cost money, time and commitment. She's so fickle that I can see us paying for something like that and in a few months she quits. I admire anyone that sticks with their passion. The pictures are lovely.

    Thanks for sharing with us too.

    Megan xxx


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