Monday, June 16, 2014

$725 a Night?

It seems to be a year for weddings.  The kids' friends are hovering around their 30's, and biology seems to be catching up with them.... or is it the opportunity to register at Bed Bath and Beyond that's feeding the frenzy? 

Whatever the reason, my mailbox has been filled with invitations.  We're the only "family of friend" invitees to one event; we're beyond flattered to have been included. Little Cuter's old soccer buddy is marrying her girlfriend and thought that TBG and I would enjoy the celebration, too.  In the midst of all this carrying on, I'm going to be practicing my grandparenting skills.  There are so many places to be, and all of them are filled with love.

We'll meet Big Cuter in Carmel for his friend's wedding.  There were a range of hotel options presented to us, and, since I live with a pool on the edge of a golf course, there was no reason to stay at the country club resort.  We chose a smaller hotel in downtown Carmel, within walking distance of shops and restaurants and the ocean.  Large and anonymous hotels are fine when I want to disappear into the scenery; smaller and more intimate feels better for this trip, somehow.  We've known the groom since the boys were freshman at Georgetown; I need something personal and less generic than a mega-resort to put me in the mood for his nuptials.

The reservation process sealed the deal.  There will be three of us staying in one room and the big resort had no rooms with two queen size beds.  It's not that they were sold out; they didn't exist.  The reservationist could request a roll-away, but couldn't guarantee it.  There were no rooms or suites with a pull-out sofa bed, either.  For three times the price of the smaller hotel, we could have the privilege of worrying if Big Cuter would be bunking on the carpet.

The smaller hotel clerk remembered my name, and used it throughout the booking process.  We discussed the rooms still available, their location within the property, the various attributes, and what we needed.  Though the two-bedded rooms in the reservation block were all gone, the lovely young lady on the phone made an administrative decision and gave us one for the lower, one-king-bed-room, price.  There may not be parking in their small lot, but that's why they invented young sons with strong legs; I'll order the cocktails while he tries to find a place to park.

The girls are getting married in Santa Monica in October.  The wedding is at Shutters on the Beach.  Have you heard of Shutters on the Beach?  It's glitzy.  It's trendy.  It's gorgeous. 

It's also $725 per night..... and that's without the taxes and other add-ons that arrive at check out.

Yes, you read that correctly.  From 4pm until noon the next day one could reserve 400 square feet of no-view, up the stairs, luxury.  For $36 per hour, I'm not sure I'd ever go to sleep... although then I'd be missing the use of the bed.  There are other options available, of course.  There are suites for $1200... and more.... with partial-ocean views and a table and chairs. 

I can't make myself even look at the website any more.

There are other options in Santa Monica, but the reviews are sketchy and they aren't very convenient unless I have a car... and then there's the parking issue once again.  None of these beachside hotels seem to think that parking for their guests is a necessary amenity. 

I'd love to be there to watch them tie the knot.  I could visit my LA friends and stick my toes in the Pacific.  The parents are dear to me, and sharing their joy would be wonderful.  I just don't know if I want to go into debt to celebrate with them.

And then, there's TBG.  He hates to travel.  He doesn't like big parties.  He's a wonderful human being but he's not much fun at things like this.  I'd bring Little Cuter as my date, except she'll be a new mommy and, I surmise, unwilling to leave the babe behind.

These are good problems to have.  Too much love in the world..... what is a woman to do?


  1. I know how you feel about those pricey rooms. I recently looked at a site for weddings where the "rooms" started at $800 a night and went up to about $3000. Terry and I just laughed and said, sorry, can't do that on a retired teacher's pension.

  2. It's that California price tag, dkzody... and it's worse in "destinations" like Santa Monica. We, too, are laughing :)

  3. OMG, $725 a night. That's steep. Oh, I just realized we paid $1000 for a two bedroom on our reservation last December at Disney World. BUT... that was the one night we couldn't get on our reservation and had to do a cash sale for the same place we were staying (at Bay Lake Tower) and it just happened to be that one night was my second daughter's birthday--we had promised her she would be at Disney World for her birthday (and it was high season being December 27th). I didn't want to pay that, but the rest of our reservation was done with our Disney Vacation Club--I booked that night along with the others almost a year in advance and was still wait listed for the 27th. It really hurt to pay that, but at least we had a two bedroom apartment (and not a small hotel room).

    Hopefully, something else may come up?


    Megan xxx

    1. 4 people, an apartment, Disney, promises to a baby..... I'd have done it, too :0


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