Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Random Thoughts - The How Can It Be the Holidays Already Edition

It's sunny and warm and I'm in shorts and Chanukah begins next week. I have had ample time to prepare.  I just haven't used it wisely, it seems.  Little Cuter's bedroom is awash in unwrapped, mostly un-sorted, presents. I have pretty paper for all relevant holidays, I have gift tags and scotch tape and bows that won't get crushed in the shipping.  What I don't have is the desire to do anything with or about or for them.

It just seems too early to start.
I found a wonderful read aloud book for boys and girls of all ages.

Jean Jennings sent me the link, and I was happy to participate in the process.  Dwight Knowlton used Kickstarter to raise funds for the project, and the goodies I received for my contribution are awesome.

I've got stickers, I've got a personalized dedication (recognizing my status as "Official Side Seat Driver"), I've got a thank you note, and I've got the book.  I read it aloud to TBG, who got a kick out of my engine noise imitations and whose eyes were as teary as mine when the boy found Sir Stirling Moss's paraphernalia in the glove box.

If you know someone who likes cars, no matter how old he or she may be, this is the perfect gift.  I'm buying a few more, myself.

The only place to buy Chanukah decor in Tucson seems to be Bed Bath and Beyond.  Is that odd?  I think so.  Hallmark has cards, but no tchtochkes.  Wal-Mart doesn't believe that there are Jews in town, it seems.  The upscale supermarket has its usual array of too-expensive-to-buy-for-myself items, and not too many of those, either.

So, today, I was using my they-never-expire-20% off-coupons for candles and menorahs and dreidles displayed on a single rack between the Man Cave signs and the chair pillows. No one else will  know their provenance; it will only be weird for me.
I've ranted about the dearth of Chanukah decorations before, and FAMBB read and acted.  For the past few years she's sent me a care package of Chanukah goodies, carefully wrapped in relevant paper and snuggled next to a chatty note, catching me up on her life.

That box was on the front hall table when I came home from school today.  I opened it and read the note.  The packing materials will be reused in the box I'm sending to my deployed-in-South Korea-Air Force-dentist-friend and the presents will sit on the shelf until the holiday begins on Thanksgiving night.  She'll have my hand written thank you note before I've opened them.

I can experience that much delay of gratification, but no more.
SIR couldn't get time off from work to come for the actual holiday, so we're starting our Celebration Tour a little earlier this year.  We'll be feasting on Saturday, and lighting Chanukah candles that night, pretending that it's really Thursday and that everyone else in the USofA is dining on turkey and stuffing (lots and lots of stuffing) too.

The kids will leave, Big Cuter will stay til Friday, and on Thursday we'll join JannyLou and Fast Eddie at their country club around the corner for a brunch I won't have to cook.  I'll make a turkey breast for left overs so dinner is covered, too, and there will be pie and ice cream to tide us over between food comas.

I'll visit with G'ma but won't bother dragging her in and out of the car for a meal she won't remember and couldn't chew anyway.  If I don't tell her she won't know what she's missing.

I will, though.
There are mini-pine trees and poinsettias and mistletoe kissing balls everywhere I look but I am resisting.  The holidays are separated by enough time this year that I can finish with Chanukah before I start with Christmas.  It may be busy right now, but the curve will flatten out as December unfolds.

I love this time of year.

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