Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All Souls Procession

Amster and I took five kids downtown on Sunday night.
We didn't misplace any of them.
That was no mean feat.  There were 40,000 people celebrating the Day of the Dead at Tucson's annual All Souls Procession.  Filled with skulls and skeletons and marigolds and face paint, we were gathered to remember and rejoice as we honored those who have died.

That's Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall with Gabe Zimmerman, who lost his life at our Congress on Your Corner.  We copped a squat next to the Homicide Survivors' staging area, and I was surrounded by love.  Christina-Taylor had her own little memory circle, too.  The kids and I talked about her, and getting shot, and playing baseball, and being a good friend.

This is a holiday I can understand and appreciate. 
It's about bringing the sadness out into the light. 
There were lots of lights.

Monks carried them
and dancers swirled them. 

People were walking on all sorts of interesting footgear.
This guy was bouncing and dancing to the drummers in the band following him.
There were many stilt walkers, but photographing them was a challenge.

People created altars, too.

Some rode their altars.

Marigolds are iconic Dia de los Muertos symbols,

as are brides

and other forms of fancy dress.

This flying wasp was one of many airborne (an unphotographed) delights.
Individuals were named and celebrated,
and traditions were honored.

And then, at the end, there was Liberace.
Next year we're going to dress up and walk in the procession and dance the night away at the bonfire.
We'll make wishes and throw them in the urn to be burned up and fly away on the wind.

For our first time out, we did just fine.

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  1. I remember the Day of the Dead from the Wild Thornberries. My daughter loved that show and they did an episode on this Mexican tradition. Was amazing to even watch then. I love different cultures and how they celebrate life--that's what it's about celebrating the life of those that are gone (but not ever forgotten). Thanks for sharing with us too.

    Megan xxx


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