Thursday, October 3, 2013

The World Needs More People Like You, Mom

How long do you search before you replace your lost phone?

I had it with me before I met TBG for lunch, because I called him to make a plan. We dashed out of Five Guys once again because a patron was packing heat, so it might have been left there, but I remembered putting it into the insulated reusable shopping bag, along with my wallet, when I went into the grocery store.  

But, I'd been to G'ma's in the interim, and who knows what would happen if I called her on her phone and asked her to listen for mine.... You're on this phone.... my phone might be there.... listen for the phone... yes, you're on the phone.... I might have left my phone.... no, not your phone.... I had to smile. I didn't make the call.

I'd spent the morning with Boethius, considering happiness. Possessions bring responsibilities and opportunities for mischance; true happiness is self-sufficiency.  Did I really need my phone? Was I allowing the trappings of my life to distract me from what is truly important? Intellectually, I know that I need my phone. Intellectually, I was dissecting that need. Emotionally, I was strangely calm.  

Usually, losing my phone sends me over the edge.  My stomach roils, my brain can't focus, I lash out angrily at life and anyone in it. Today, I was quick, purposeful, but relatively disinterested as I retraced my steps: to the grocery store; through the parking lot; to G'ma's pod castle; through that parking lot, too; back to the grocery store lot to look just one more time. At home, I emptied my schoolbag and the insulated grocery bags and flattened them out with my hands, just to be sure.  

TBG called the errant device as I chased around the house and the garage and the courtyard
where I'd deposited the beginnings of fall, listening and hearing nothing.

And so, the question: How long do you search before you replace your lost phone?

We decided that I would take one more pass through G'ma's apartment before I went to the Verizon store and cashed in on the insurance I was suddenly very glad to have purchased.  I put my wallet in my purse (no more carrying things loose for me) and got into The Schnozz, fondling the grocery bags one more time when I wondered, aloud, "Did I take it out with the chicken?"

When I got home from the market, perishables in tow, I was in urgent need of the bathroom. I grabbed the cold stuff and shoved it in the refrigerator and raced down the hall. Afterwards, I chatted with TBG, watched some PTI, and then went to look for my calendar on the phone... which was no where to be found. I'd forgotten about my rushed return; it was the only part of my afternoon I did not try to recreate. 

And so, I got out of the car and came back inside and opened the refrigerator and there it was, 
on top of the chicken. 
You can see how rushed I was by the fact that the carrot never made it to the veggie bin. 

I learned many lessons from this episode.  I learned that my refrigerator is soundproof. I learned that I must pay attention to transitions. I learned that breathing deeply and focusing on the fact that this was an annoyance but not a tragedy is possible, especially since I learned that I need to pay attention to the good things in life... like the fact that I walked to all those places two or three times within an hour today... and I really walked... without much of a limp at all, my arms swinging, my steps wide and firm and evenly weighted. I was motivated to cover as much ground in as little time as possible and, for the first time in nearly three years, I was able to do just that. 

I wasn't running, but I was moving. I didn't have a cart, I didn't stumble as I turned, I went up and down curbs as if nothing was amiss... and nothing was amiss because the damn phone was in the refrigerator and I was walking.

I'm on the path to self-sufficiency. I wish I didn't have to feel so foolish to recognize it. It's at moments like these that I stop, take a deep breath, and remember Little Cuter's maxim, the title of this post.

I laugh at myself and move on.


  1. All that walking! Done so perfectly! I believe God puts these adventures in our life just to show us He can.

  2. OMG too funny! You don't have something on your phone that helps you find it? I use Find My iPhone ALL the time. My kids are constantly playing with my phone and I cannot find it. As for putting loose things into a bag, I left my wallet in a shopping cart 20 miles away when I ran into the pet store to get cat food. I called the store and lo and behold my wallet was still sitting in the cart in the cart corral. I had to go back the 20 miles and get it. I learned that day to not take my wallet out of my purse and run into a store. I cannot miss my purse in a cart.

    I LOVE insurance for phones. We've had to use that for my daughter's iphone--when it was stolen. Best thing to have and totally worth the extra $5 a month.

    Love your case btw.

    Happy Thursday!

    Megan xxx

    1. Are you talking about the GPS locator? It's only on iphones, not android like my Samsung Galaxy S3... whose case came gratis at the Samsung booth at BlogHer13. I love it, too.

      Transitions... we have to concentrate on transitions!


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