Friday, March 9, 2012

Jump Rope for Hearts at Prince Elementary School

There was a lot of waiting in line... and on lines... today at Prince Elementary School.
No one seemed to mind.

There were high school kids ....real big kids.. nearly grown-ups... who were there to help.

While we getting ready, they were playing football.
It is going to be so much fun when we're that big.

There were some technical difficulties.... 
...but we didn't mind waiting.

They fixed the music and it was time to dance.

Everyone couldn't jump rope all morning, so there were races of all kinds.
Carrying an egg on a spoon is not easy.
Action shot!
The arrow points to the egg she is valiantly trying to save.
Tennis balls on tennis rackets isn't as simple as it sounds.
Racet to the line, pull out the clothes, put them on, race back and put them back in the sack....
string the beads... red white and blue...
and the hardest one of all.... squooshy balls on 2 sticks while running at full speed.

And then there was the jump rope section.....

Even the grown-ups took turns.
We stayed hydrated.
It was a good day to be pink.
A very good day to smile.


  1. Too CuTe!!! That community is so LuCkY to have YoU. <3

  2. So precious! Love, love, love all the pixs. I always loved field day at school. Looks like everyone was having fun.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Megan xxx

  3. SDo much love. and I am lucky to have THEM, too, TemmisMom :)

  4. love the pictures- Kids had so much fun...

  5. awww, how fun! It looks like they all had a great time!
    Also, I love your gardening ideas from the other day; how cool is that.


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