Tuesday, March 20, 2012


That's me at my college graduation in 1973.

My hair was loooong, wasn't it?  If I tipped my head back just a little bit I could sit on the end of my pony tail.

Half-back like this or wildly flying around my face or pulled low in a leather thong, my hair defined me.

Arriving at the University of Chicago for Orientation as I began my social work education, the room was filled with well-manicured, perfectly coiffed men and women.... until I looked to the back and saw a row of men with hair as long as mine.  Like a semaphore signal, their tresses were calling me.  Here were kindred spirits, sitting with the only other woman in overalls.  We're still friends to this day.

Spending the morning at Prince Elementary School's Jump Rope for Heart last week gave me the opportunity to revel in what long hair is doing these days.

There are, of course, long braids decorated with colorful ties. 
I remember G'ma pulling and brushing and gathering all the lost strands of my tresses into the tightest of tight pony tails every day before school.  I could feel her with me all day long, every time my hair swished and reminded me that it was there.

No one took the time to try this, though.

Nor this
Nor this

I wore silver barrettes when I needed to look dressy, but I never had anything approaching this
or this
or this

The hair didn't interfere with the running and jumping and racing.

It was there for the enjoyment of those on the outside... especially the other girls.

The boys were oblivious.

"What are you taking a picture of?  Her head?" said he.
"Her hair...her beautiful hair," said I.
"Really?  Why?" he wondered.

As TBG reminds me, women do their hair for other women.
According to him, there has never been a group of men who, upon seeing a beautiful female, exclaimed in one voice "What fabulous hair!"

I, on the other hand, spent a morning doing just that.


  1. I have to laugh 'cause hubby rarely notices when I get my hair done. I get, "it looks nice".

    Last week, my seven year old asked me to put up her hair. I was totally shocked. One 'cause she hates it when her hair is brushed and two because she's somewhat of a tom-boy. The sheer fact that she asked me to put it up and then asked me again the next morning, totally thrilled me. Then my ten year-old is all resentful because her hair is much shorter than her sister's. She got this weird idea last summer to cut her hair. It's taking a while for it to grow back out. She so wants her hair long again. She even tries to put it in a pony-tail. It looks weird 'cause there isn't much to put up still.

    Love all the pixs. Isn't funny how we used to use simple barrettes and now there are so many elaborate ones? I love all the new styles. Sooooo cute!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Megan xxx

  2. Loving the college picture of you with the long hair.


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