Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

I've been watching the professional basketball playoffs with the same lack of enthusiasm I brought to the regular season.  The last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter are about all I can stand.  The finals are no better than most of the previous games; neither team seems to be bringing its A game for more than a brief moment or two.  It's sloppy and that makes it hard to follow if you're not a total b-ball geek.  And I am not.

If you need water-cooler conversation, the series is tied, the Mav's are the comeback kids, and where was LeBron in the 4th quarter?  
I am a computer genius, it seems.  Blogger was not allowing me to access my site.  I tried it on Nellie the Netbook and everything was just peachy so it was this damn Dell again.  I managed my anxiety fairly well and only felt one or two tears welling up.  

Problems with electronics put me over the edge with alarming regularity.  Since I got shot, I've been able to let go of the sense of control I needed to feel regarding these inanimate yet prickly items.  I no longer default to screaming at the heavens.  I (relatively) calmly read through the discussion boards on Blogger's un-helpful help-site and managed to delete my cookies and clear my cache and when doing that to the last day didn't work I moved to the last week and then 4 weeks and before I had to hit time immemorial (yes it is an option) Blogger recognized me and let me in.

I am a computer genius and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
Went over to take G'ma for an adventure yesterday, but she was still a-bed though it was mid-morning.  I offered companionship and travel and she smiled, thanked me, and rolled over.

This, too, used to drive me nuts.  Yesterday, I smiled, gave myself credit for taking her out even though we didn't go anywhere, and drove to Target alone.
Those electric carts in the big box stores could be my favorite piece of recovering.  When I'm upright, pushing the regular wagon, my cane stowed in the basket, I am unrecognizable.  Sitting on the moving cart, I attract attention.

Yesterday I was, once again, hugged by a total stranger.  This time it was in the potato chip aisle.  She admires me and is inspired by me and then we shared stories about how wonderful nurses and therapists can be.

I'm not enjoying the attention as much as I am enjoying the connection.  Healing gets lonely sometimes.  It's nice to be reminded that I am not in this alone.
TBG finished his James Patterson novel, the one he took from Little Cuter in April. He may be the only person in recorded history to have taken more than two sittings to finish a JP book.  He's not happy that he spent his time wallowing in the nether world of Kyle Craig and Alex Cross.   "It just wasn't that good."

The man is too serious for trash fiction.  I'm going back to suggesting biographies and histories.  
The quail eggs have hatched and Mom and Dad Gambel are escorting their brood across the street.  There are 6 or 8 little ones between them; they won't stay still long enough for me to get a clear count.

Mamma Mourning Dove is still on top of her next in the baby arms of the saguaro.  Her due date must be later this spring.

I wonder where the road runner was before he started zipping through my front yard last week?  We've lived here 5 years and he's only the second of his species I've spied out this window.  He seems to have something going across the street under their Englemann's prickly pear cacti, but I am too lumbering to follow him apace.

Soon.  Soon.  Soon I will uncover his secret.  For now, he remains quick and mysterious.


  1. AB, I can understand your frustration with Blogger. I'm a techie and I still have a hard time with it. It's just not that intuitive. I switched to WordPress and it's much, much easier. I too found myself not being able to login and whenever I want to post here, I have to copy what I've written because if I sign in and then try to submit, "my masterpiece writing" has disappeared. It's quite frustrating to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Google fan, but Google could learn a thing or two from WordPress on good blogging software. Rant over...

    Have a wonderful day.

    Megan xxx

  2. Yes, Megan, it is buggie beyond belief. But it is free. Plus, trying to move this whole thing onto another platform makes me more anxious than I can handle right now :)

    Besides, if I left I'd lose lots of potential prompts.... I love writing my rants :)

  3. I'm not sure there is anything better about Springtime in the desert than seeing Mama and Papa quail crossing the street with their babes in tow...I look forward to it every year!

  4. I am determined to have my life together enough to re-establish my bird friendly patio area and entice hummers to nest on my porch next year. One of the best springs I ever had was when we watched the whole cycle - courting nest to a real nest atop a Japanese prayer bell - to two little birds so huge and stuck in the nest nearly immobile one second and zip, wham, zowie... the next minute they are out of the nest and flying off to juvenile birdland (checking the weather report) at a great speed. Spring is good.

    I live in central Tucson and in the early 90s I saw a Road Runner truckin' down the middle of a residential street high tailing it for somewhere with great determination. It was soooo strange.

    I've actually switched back to blogger for my actual blogs and just have my urls that used to individually have my blogs as wordpress sites -- but now I just redirect my individual blogs to blogger. When you have several blogs it is so much nicer to have them all one one dashboard. Just for fun here's a link to birdland.

  5. Oh, the pictures make me miss the saguaros and the quail and the roadrunners so much. We had a roadrunner who spent the night every night for weeks in a high corner inside our patio. He did not care if we were out there, or if we came and went while he was there. When the dawn broke, he would leave for the day, and return at dusk that night. We missed him and worried about him when he stoppped showing up.
    Have a good day--it is hotter here, and humid!xxoxx

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  7. Sorry for the double post--a brief moment of BlogHer vexation.
    The closeup of the mourning dove on her nest is the loveliest thing I've seen today, and the mental picture of tiny quail is next best. Thanks for an image that brings the Southwest vividly to life! Take care, Reni Gibney

  8. I am trying to take the attitude that Blogger exists to introduce us to humility and patience, but so far I'm not willing to shake their hands.

  9. Tell TBG that he might like to try some David Baldacci novels; they are definitely worth the time!!

  10. Blogger has been so hacked by China, it can't bring itself to function entirely correctly for whole months at a time. Some widget or other is always broken; posts can get swallowed by an apparent blog-host brownout; comments go without saying. If only, if only I was intrepid enough and less lazy, I'd pick up the whole kit and kaboodle it to Wordpress. I've known that process to undo stronger women than me, though, so I continue to be abused by Blogger.

    Poor TBG. Direct recommendations from me available in newest post, but you can titivate him by hinting that the best tale I've read so far this summer involves a beautiful WAC lost in a hidden valley paradise in New Guinea inhabited by cannibals. And its a true story.

    Remind me to tell you about my poor, odd bluebirds this year.


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