Monday, June 6, 2011

The Conservatory of Flowers
It was built from a kit.  Seriously.  The original purchaser died before he could put it together but a consortium bought the kit from his estate and erected this confection in Golden Gate Park.  The flooring must have come with it.

The grates are good for drainage but interesting terrain to navigate as a tri-ped.
It didn't matter to the boys that it was rainy nor that it would be humid inside.  Big Cuter had picnicked and run by the building often enough to be intrigued, and TBG was so impressed with my stamina and mobility that I do believe he would have walked around Stow Lake with me had I asked.  Luckily for all concerned, all I wanted to do was go inside that white birdcage and walk around.  

The special exhibit was on poisonous plants.  Did you know that Abraham Lincoln's mother died after ingesting a poisonous plant?  I'm sure you have no idea how many murders were concocted out of the sap or the husk or the leaves of a euphorbia 

or foxglove

or oleander
This plant is not an oleander.  The sign behind it is terrifying.

Ever wonder why you can't buy raw cashews in the grocery store?  Shelling them exposes the worker to all manner of toxins; they are steamed open to get to the nut inside.  Although the sign assured me that cashews sold in the USofA are not dangerous, I'm going to look askance at their appearance in Spicy Cashew Chicken next time I'm at Beijing Restaurant.

No exhibit advertising Assassins could avoid the carnivorous plants.  

I kept looking for the sacrificial flies.  I was in the mood for some action.  I was disappointed.

Many of the displays were beautifully color coordinated.

There were many fantastic orchids I'd never seen before.

The conservatory was steamy and drippy and filled with green and there was no extra charge for the special exhibit.  Feeding my soul apparently costs only $7. 

I'm a cheap date.


  1. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Next time in SF, I'm going to see this.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Megan xxx

  2. Conservatories are among my favorite things in the world! This one reminds me of the one at Balboa Park in San Diego; wonder if they got the same kit?

    Within a three-house radius of me this morning, I find all three of the toxic posies you name. Different euphorbia, but it requires some research to see if toxicity varies. We Southerners came by our Gothic descriptive honestly.

    Beautiful shots. My camera never found an orchid it could pass by. You've fed my soul this morning, too.

  3. You're not cheap, you're just inexpensive. There's a difference, you know. :-)

  4. Awesome! That looks like a fabulous place to see! You know that I love flowers.

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