Monday, June 13, 2011

A Clean Closet

The closet was ridiculous.
It held the detritus of our lives since January 8th
It didn't go into the experience in a healthy state, either.  It had never recovered from Big Cuter's request for an old photo many months before I went out of commission for 5 months.
There was no longer any chance that items on that bottom shelf could be retrieved without putting yourself and the item in danger.
I did manage to keep the paper flat and semi-organized, but those photo albums were as precarious in reality as they appear in this picture.
The Halloween pumpkin emits a hearty chortle in response to loud noises.  We are not yet ready to be startled and startling it most certainly is.   I could take out the batteries and make it stop but then again I could also put it away where it belongs.  
Sigh.  You see how I got to this point?
TBG loves having a phone book.  I take no responsibility for that small portion of the chaos.
The knickknacks are neat and safe, but the games and the pads of paper and the random bills and the envelopes to be reused seem to have multiplied since I unpacked them in 2006.
It was obvious that I needed help.  

Luckily, a Sunday afternoon of closet organizing was offered as a silent auction item at  this year's  Arizona List Annual Luncheon and Beautiful Annie had invited me as her guest so it seemed only polite to bid generously on several items and that's the long story of how Sue came to me, be-gloved and smiling and kindly ruthless.
She made a huge mess all over the floor.
It was organized mess, though.  Everything is boxed with or piled near its compatriots.  It may not look like progress, but it certainly felt like progress. 
I found adhesives and cartridges mixed in with mice which haven't worked in years but which I cannot, for some reason unknown to me and mine, been able to discard.
The shelves were cleared and cleansed.
Garbage and recycling were contained.
Games were stacked.
Files were stored on high.
Boxes of photographs and scrapbooking materials sit on the floor , taunting me but out of the way.


  1. Well, that was a great undertaking and it looks so good now! I'd love to play some of those old games with you!

  2. It was a rainy weekend here; I treated myself to some closet therapy. I am an organizing addict, I will arrange a spice cabinet or a tool drawer on a whim. I may have another career calling out to me. I'm sure that was a treat to have someone do that for you!

  3. Wow, she did a fantastic job. I actually did a couple of big reoganization projects here at the farm (outside ones will show up in my blog in a few days). Inside though has the solarium again presentable, a working computer desk for me as a backup in one corner of the living room, as well as my painting supplies outside in the covered and closed end of one of our patios, and my normal place to write ready for grandchildren visit.

    But my closets... I can barely get the doors closed. I may need to consider someone with her skills to come in and be ruthless. That is my problem. I don't get rid of enough and it all ends up back there.

  4. A clean and organized closet can make one feel so much better.

    Saw your name in my local paper this morning as I read the article about Congresswoman Gifford's recent photos. Glad they made you smile, just as they did me. Wishing her and you the very best.

  5. I'm looking at the pictures over and over, hoping for some digitally transmitted motivation to tackle that corner of the garage. I mean, what if my house sells? Oh. Never mind. Not an imminent threat.

    Still, I'd LIKE to have that corner cleared. Send Sue.

  6. All I can say is that this makes me feel better. I have laundry sitting on the floor in my closet needing to be put away. I keep sorting it, but then more laundry keeps getting added to it. My kids call it Mt. Washmore.

    My sister-in-law has a business organizing people's lives. I admire anyone that can stay organized. I used to be the most organized person, but after having three kids and a hubby that clutter doesn't seem to bother, I'm not as neat as I used to be. It's just I don't have the time or energy to be a neat-freak anymore. LOL.

    Looks amazing afterwards...

    Megan xxx

  7. I am organized and somewhat anal-compulsive, and I love to clean out closets and drawers and file cabinets and get rid of stuff and impose order. You can really see the results when you are done, too. I will be doing a lot of that in the next few months as I am retiring from my job, cleaning out my office of 27 years, and setting up work and filing space at home. I hope I won't learn to hate getting organized! xoxo

  8. Your closet looks great! Good for you.

    I wish I could hire a 'Sue' for my bedroom closet. I need to keep working on getting all my stuff in order.

    After the whole broken back/cancer thing I hired a cleaning lady to help me with my kitchen and bathroom. She also dusts and vacuums the living room. It really has helped me keep stuff in order and I have to clean before she visits every other week.

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