Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Musings

The weather is unsettled and I find myself unable to complete anything longer than a paragraph or two.  I've spent the morning searching the nooks and crannies of my brain for something to talk about with you today, and thus far I've come up empty.  Mattie-the-Yogi says that this time of year is made for these feelings of uncertainty.  Be that as it may, my mind is filled with lint and not much else.
The Human With Pneumonia went back for a follow-up visit 96 hours after being seen in the ER.  24 hours was the time-frame suggested by the hospital, but the weekend and an inability to fax reports and results intervened.  I spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with the physician's office and the hospital's medical records department attempting to secure the information the doctor needed to treat the patient.  Each person on the other end of the phone assured me that she had done all that needed to be done, but it took all day before the information moved 3 blocks from the ER to the doctor.  The doctor and the hospital share the same computer system.  It should have taken one click on forward rather than 2 hours of telephonic aggravation.

But there was no financial cost to anyone involved in any of the transactions.  No one was personally responsible for the transfer of the information.  There were no consequences for the delays.  Most people, I am sure, would have accepted the delay without complaint.  Most people have too much respect for the medical systems with which they intersect. 
As Election Day draws nigh, our phones are ringing off the hook.  Republican pollsters want to know if we support Nancy Pelosi's efforts to force Obama care upon us.  Jesse Kelly, the tea party's choice to oppose Gabby Giffords for my seat in Congress, called today to remind G'ma that her early ballot will be arriving shortly and wondering if Jesse can count on her vote.  Assuming her identity, I said absolutely not and proceeded to tell the caller why.  He tried to hang up on me several times, but I politely insisted that since he had interrupted my afternoon, it was his obligation to listen to my reasons.

It was a meaningless gesture, but it sure felt good.
Boardwalk Empire remains my favorite new tv show.  There have been three episodes with three different directors, the first being Martin Scorcese.  No one should have to follow Martin Scorcese.  It's just not fair.

The first episode was stunning and subtle and surprising and wonderful.  The next two have been just fine, moving the story along, adding background but not substance and leaving me vaguely unfulfilled.  As I said, no one should have to follow Scorcese.
Mad Men continues to shine a strobe light on the 1960's, reminding me with each and every episode how far women have come in the workplace.  I remember telling my grandfather that I couldn't run for President of the USofA (his plan for my future) because I was poor, Jewish and a woman.  Now, I think, only the poor part would be an appropriate answer.  And, were I willing to sell my soul, that probably wouldn't matter either. 
I wish I lived closer to Washington, D.C. so that I could join John Stewart at his rally on October 30th.  MTF can't join me and though The Diva has offered me her guest room I'm not enthusiastic about 8 hours of travel time each way to get my body to the East Coast.  When we moved to Tucson we could fly there non-stop.  Not any more.  The airlines are cramping my style, big time.
Little Cuter and SIR boarded Granddog while they were tailgating in Iowa City.  He didn't even bark goodbye when they dropped him  off, and she was just a little hurt.  They were able to watch him on the webcam at the doggie day care piece of the kennel, and that assuaged her aching heart while they were away.  But still she worried - would he remember her when she returned? 

The answer, of course, was yes - with a howl and a lunge and a puppy pile of love.  She's going to be such a good mother.
The weather did not get the memo - it's raining in Tucson in October.  This is not supposed to happen.  Neither is a total brain freeze.  I'll be  back tomorrow, in fine fettle, I promise. 

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