Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bonus Post - Rally to Restore Sanity

I wish I'd been there.  Monday's post will have a report from our National Correspondent, IntrepidCat, unless something fun comes up and she blows me off.  Til then, listen to John Stewart's speech at the Rally today.  If you don't want to listen to the whole thing, I excerpted my favorite sentences below the clip.

Stay sane, denizens. 

"We are in hard times - not end times"

"We can have animus without being enemies."

Our 24-hour-news-media-overload forces us into a situation where "we amplify everything and hear nothing."

"....the exhausting effort it takes to hate."

"The image of Americans reflected back at us by the media is false.... it's like looking in a fun house mirror."

And if you only want a minute or two to get the feel of it, go to 8:48 and watch the cars merge as you listen to Stewart explain how "we work together every damn day."  

It will make you feel better about America and Americans. 
At least it did for me.

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