Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Very Weird Tuesday

It kept getting stranger and stranger as the hours went by.

There was snow on Mount Lemmon (aka the southernmost ski resort in the USofA) and what might have been melted frost on the front yard's stone mulch when I went out to get the papers this morning. It's the desert in Arizona, for crying out loud. Why am I wrapped up in a polar fleece full length bathrobe (a great gift from the Big Cuter but usually waaaay too warm for Tucson). I should have been paying more attention; the day was only going to get weirder.

VISA decided to protect me from myself by placing a fraud watch on my account without telling me. Unfortunately, it took rejecting my card twice while making purchases over the phone and a couple of calls to VISA before Kesha listened as I ranted and raved and foamed at the mouth over missing yoga to deal with their misguided efforts to keep me safe when all they'd accomplished was to humiliate me and force me to waste my time in an effort to do what the robo-voice on the first call had suggested : feel free to use the card. When I paused for breath, she agreed with everything I'd said, elaborated on the transactions which had been attempted, and gave me a cogent explanation for the fraud alert - I think it had something to do with my purchase of Nellie the Netbook on Saturday, but I was so stunned by her pleasant, respectful, smiling manner that I missed the gory details. ,Then, she credited my account for the points I'd missed by using my debit card rather than call the vendor a third time. Then, she wrote notes in my file. Then she offered to take my cell phone number so that VISA can call me and let me know if there are fraud concerns about my card if I'm out and about. Yes, that's what she said : out and about. She was so cute I was unable to stay mad at her... and that kind of pissed me off. Weird -- I was starting to get mad about not being mad.

Couldn't get through to G'ma on the phone, and have no idea why. Showed up to find her in pj's and ready for a shower. Five minutes later she was out of the bathroom and dressed. Totally weird -- she's usually at least 40 minutes from start to finish. "They haven't fixed the plumbing yet. I had no water in the shower." No way the pod-castle would let something that important go un-repaired, but I couldn't turn it on either. Turns out there's a button on the hand-wand-shower-head which was in the wrong position.... the fact that I couldn't figure that out myself just fit in with the tenor of the day.

Bowled under the name of Cookie, since Peaches had been failing me lately, and threw my second highest game ever. I am NOT a good bowler. I am not even a mediocre bowler. Yet I won. Weirder and weirder.

G'ma remembered and finished a story I'd told her only once before and volunteered to take the long way back to the car. All the items on my grocery list were on sale. The President almost convinced me that a war in Afghanistan might not be the quagmire I fear it may be. It's been a very weird day.

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