Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Sorry......

The holidays have definitely gotten to me.

I tripped over a grocery cart (don't ask.... please, don't ask....) and bruised my shin. Worse than that, I yelped aloud in the parking lot and attracted a few helpful by-standers. Pain and embarrassment..... wonderful.

I drove past the post office twice without remembering to mail the last box of brownies. I forgot to have lunch. It was 3pm before I thought to bring in the morning papers.

So, when I tell you that yesterday's post was written well in advance but scheduled for 7:02pm (when I began to write it) instead of 6:00am and that is why you were Burrow-less Tuesday morning, dear readers, you have to believe that it is true.

The holidays have definitely gotten to me.

I've run out of scotch tape in the dispenser and I can't remember where I've stashed the extra rolls. I bought 2 sheets of forever stamps and they have vanished, as well. And TBG just reminded me that I have a meeting tonight at 7pm. WHO schedules a meeting during this time of year? The Little Cuter had one meeting all week at work and that was canceled. WHY am I going out tonight? I want to do the laundry and read about zombies and instead I have to go out. And I do have to go --- the group funded a project near and dear to my heart and showing up is the least that I can do.

It's an alternative to the endless and pointless bowl games on tv and it's a pretty drive and yes the holidays have gotten to me.... I just have to remember to focus on the smiles and the love.

Please don't tell Santa that I was whining to you just now.

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