Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanks For Keeping Me Company

Watch Monday Night Football with me, will you?

I'm trying to muster up some interest in Aaron Rogers and his amazing season and the faux-Browns (aka the Ravens) but I only vaguely remember the running back from that Rutgers team we liked a few years ago and the fact that he's Ray Rice on the Ravens doesn't make that much difference to me.

I just recognized Michael Ohr, #74 on the white team (the home team, the Baltimore Ravens) and I smiled. The Michael Lewis book was wonderful and once TBG recovers from the cold from hell we'll trek to the multi-plex to see the movie. I wonder if his teammates are on him about being the subject of the number one movie in the country, if Mike Tirico can be believed.

I like the font the Ravens use on their uniforms. The Big Cuter says that such comments should be treated with 50,000 volts of electricity through a shock collar. I'm impervious to his scorn. If I'm going to sit on the couch for hours at a time I will pay attention to the things I care about

There are so many time outs and replays and referee reviews of play after play after play that there's rarely any flow to watching the game. I know that the boys are often wrapped up in the minutiae of the rules and that they sense a rhythm I cannot feel. From my perspective, watching football has become the same as watching baseball..... background noise until you hear something worth looking at.

(Living within hearing distance of Wrigley Field made yard work a pleasure. We'd hear the fans cheer and race inside to see the play on the tv.)

Fifteen minutes or more were spent listening to the boys sift through football history for the answer to a trivia question posed by my least favorite voice on MNF. The game's not that exciting and I've got brownies to bake. One half of a boring football game is enough for me. I am off to continue to bake my way through The Brownie List.... which we'll read about tomorrow.

For now, I'm going to let them freeze on Lambeau Field without me.

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