Friday, July 3, 2009

Girly Girl Stuff

I'm a wash and wear kind of girl. My "out the door" time can be 10 minutes from "when do you want to leave?" until I'm in the car with my seat belt buckled. I have cleansing products but no make-up in my vanity drawers. My favorite dress is a $9.99 special from Old Navy; I wore it to the Cuters' high school and college graduations, and it was an old dress even then.

I mention this because the Little Cuter and I are attending a wedding shower on Wednesday. Pink invitations, party favors, fancy clothes --- a real girly-girl experience. If they'd let me wear jeans and my cowboy boots...........

I didn't have any showers when TBG and I became engaged. It was 1975, and people weren't getting married, let alone having showers. Nannie and G'ma were peeved that I wouldn't let them plan showers. They'd attended so many - they felt like they deserved some shower gifts, even if I were the one opening them. But I was living far from anyone they'd invite, and I didn't know them, and I said "No, thank you" as politely as I could.

To this day, though, whenever I wish I had a stand alone blender, or matching china, or a set of Waterford champagne flutes, I regret that decision.

On Wednesday we'll be drinking toasts to a bright future for a wonderful bride-to-be. I'll be in Chicago next week for the celebration and a visit with my favorite daughter in my favorite city. the Burrow will return to its daily posting schedule on July 13th.

Happy Independence Day to you all !!

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