Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Musings

It's 109 degrees outside and it's 7:25pm. My brain is as fried as my flesh. I love the heat and the sun and the smells of Tucson's summer, but usually the monsoon rains cool things off in the afternoon. We're in a dry spell right now, though, due to issues with high pressure systems over Mexico. Or New Mexico. It was already scorching hot when I read the paper this morning and as I said, my brain is fried.

So, random thoughts today:

If I were stuck on a desert island with only one artist/group's music I decided it would be Paul Simon.

Some people should not be allowed to drive - the ability to see over the top of the steering wheel should be mandatory. Of course, here in Arizona your driver's license is renewed when you turn 65. Til then, you're good to go. As my Boston First Cousin warned me upon hearing of our move to Arizona : Be careful of the tarantulas, the scorpions, the javalinas and the elderly.

Why does a yellow jacket (a predatory wasp, according to Wikipedia) land in our pool every afternoon at 3:30, rest for a bit with his wings straight up in the air, and then fly up over the house. He never goes out west toward the wash, or north or south toward our neighbors. Always east, over the house.

"Don't get naked at work" is really good advice. Did Royal Pains really have to end that way this week?

Socrates taught that some people are not ready to leave the cave and face the world as it really is. The journey down and out of reflected existence and into a knowing space is a hard one. At the time the Big Cuter was explaining it to me, as we lolled on noodles in the pool this afternoon, it was somehow making me feel better about moving G'ma into the pod-castle. But my brain is fried and now I can't remember the path I took to the smile I felt.

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget that it's not a bad idea to leave a comment if something I've written moves you to do so. I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Did you hear about B.O. having beers with the arrested harvard professor and the man who arrested him? that could make for an interesting entry...


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