Wednesday, June 12, 2024


I'm resting.... as if I could do anything else. 

I'm tired but can't fall asleep. 

I'm shivering then sweaty.....but do you really need to read this?

I do feel marginally better with the Paxlovid, Advil, Robitussin, and more water than I've ever downed before.... did I mention I'm constantly thirsty. 

Oh,  TBG tested positive too. 

I'll post when I can, but I'm taking everyone's advice to be kind to myself and rest. 

Thanks for caring.  


  1. Rest and relaxation is the key. Be well soon.

  2. You sound really sick. I hope the misery is short lived.

  3. Hang in there. One of our friends who has covid for the first time was just told by his doctor "be patient and sensible." Sending love and wishes for your comfort, peace, and ease. xox

  4. This really sucks, brings back a lot of nasty memories. Hang in there, it will pass. You're doing the right stuff Paxlovid, hydration and rest.


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