Wednesday, December 13, 2023

RIP Lenore the Lenovo

Because there is nothing else going on in a house with two working parents,  two grandparents, a baby, and a pig, my computer decided to die. 

I didn't drop her.  No on be else remembers her falling.  Yet she's separated from her base and cannot be charged. 
Big Cuter, my resident Guru for all things electronic, says replacing her will be less expensive than repairing her.  He will go with me later this afternoon to shop. 

So,  for now,  my thoughts about everything will have to wait until I can use a real keyboard and not my phone. 

Have a wonderful day,  full of joy and laughter.  Avoid kerfuffles if you can. 


  1. So glad you have your GURU there to assist in the replacement. Terry, who is the resident GURU, just bought a new HP and has been working to get it set up so he can retire the Dell that no longer keeps a charge. My MacBook Pro, purchased during the pandemic, continues to serve me well. I love how it works so well with my iPhone, and vice verse. Hope you find a wonderful replacement.

    1. Read on and weep with me. Aren't we lucky to have people around who can deal with computers without totally melting down.


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