Monday, December 4, 2023

Random Thoughts

The 49'ers defeated the Eagles this afternoon.  For most humans, this is of passing interest, if any at all.  In my house, though, it's a different story.  The television and the living room have been reserved for the game and nothing else.  As the 9'ers scored and scored and scored, the noise level rose and rose and rose.  

Honey Bunny and I spent the afternoon outside and on the floor in the kitchen, considering the possibilities inherent in measuring cups and spoons.

Everyone was happy.


Queen T spent the day dealing with a Verizon-Store-From-Hell and its equally inhospitable sales people. 

After 4 hours over 2 sessions she still doesn't have her new phone.  She's uncertain if her order has actually been cancelled or if her upgrade is still valid.  She's been home for 90 minutes; she's still vibrating.


We tried to order dinner, once the baby's sleep schedule precluded going out.  Our first choice is closed on Sundays, which we remembered only afer organizing our order.  Our second choice was unaceptable to one of us, our third choice was unacceptable to another.  

No one wanted me to make grilled cheese or omelets.  We balked at paying an exorbitant price for delivery.  We settled on Italian that we'll pick up in half an hour.  

It only took us 45 minutes from What should we have to dinner to placing the order.  I'm very hungry right now.


The Cornell Club held our annual holiday luncheon today.  The Arizona Women's Chorus entertained us.  We've never had a performance before.  

It was the same people in the same setting, all of us dressed to the nines.  It's always a lovely event.  This year, listening to beautiful music and participating in an Arizona themed sing along of The 12 Days of Christmas before singing the Alma Mater with professionals joining in - this year was very special.


Friends have been checking in as the brownies are received.  My favorite story so far :

A group of men have been having lunch together for many years.  The conversation over those years has concentrated on politics, travel, family, books, and sports.  As they've aged, they've instituted a new rule - the first 10 minutes are devoted to body parts.  Once those minutes have passed, there's no complaining about doctors or aches or pains.

I can think of a number of spaces in my life where that rule might also make sense. 


  1. I am part of a group of 15 of which typically 10 meet each week for lunch. We have the same rule. It’s important.

  2. Oh, the Ladies Who Lunch intersperse the body woes throughout our monthly lunches because we love each other and want to commiserate with one another. Most of us, though, are very healthy with little to share, but we have had some serious health issues pop up in the group so we are here for each other.

    1. Being there for one another is so important. You're so lucky to have those Ladies.

  3. Oh, I like that rule!
    It seems like it gets harder and harder to decide what to eat that is not cooked at home.


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