Tuesday, November 9, 2021


I had apples and pie crusts and time.
This is what the pie looked like before I went to sleep.
I was responsible for every missing morsel.
I was also responsible for the ice cream scoop, because what's apple pie without vanilla ice cream?
(And I'm responsible for the navy blue towel;  a lighter one would have been more photogenic.)

I had pie for breakfast in the morning.
We had quiche (egg pie) with friends for lunch.

I had pie when we got home, pie for dessert after dinner, and pie for snack while TBG overdosed on football. This is what the pie looked like when I was finished.
I have never eaten an entire pie before.

It's nice to have a novel experience.


  1. I've never eaten an entire pie before either. But at least you broke the eating up into manageable sections.

  2. When my mouth said MORE, my brain had the solution.

  3. Well, good for you ....I think. I'm kinda getting a stomach ache thinking about it though.

  4. Terry and I can eat a whole pie in a couple of days. Years ago an elderly couple we knew would bake a pie just to have for dinner. That was their whole dinner, pie. It always seemed a bit too much, but now that I'm in that age group, it sounds pretty good. If I'm going to spend the time baking a pie, I'm probably not going to want to fix anything else. So, pie for dinner sounds more reasonable.


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