Thursday, August 19, 2021


Auntie M now has as many years as Harold Hill has trombones.  

That was her brother's quick math answer to an unasked question, as he sat beside me on the couch, frantically switching channels, trying to find one that wasn't advertising chilling side effects and horrifying diseases or shivering puppies or starving children...... and don't get me started on that adorable little elephant who's just learning to walk.  

More and more often, TBG and I are struck by the novelty of ...... well, pick just about any category... and find ourselves noting that in 140 years on this planet we have ......

At back to school night this week, FlapJilly's new 2nd grade teacher recognized SIR.....  because she taught his sister three decades ago and recognized the face.  That sister is now teaching 2nd grade, herself.

This brought me back to volunteering in the library when Little Cuter was in 2nd grade and her 20-something teacher had a mild meltdown when one her her students checked out a book that she had checked out when she was a 2nd grader in that same school... her name was on the book's paper card, right there in her own 7 year old scrawl.  

How is this possible? she wailed.  

How is this possible, indeed?

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