Thursday, August 26, 2021

It's Back - And I'm Happy

Pandemica was made a little more bearable by the ease with which I could participate in our democracy without leaving home.  Postcards To Voters and Vote Forward have, once again, sent me emails asking for help.  It's a much more productive use of my time than playing Candy Crush Soda Saga.

After being vetted - I sent a sample postcard and was approved within 24 hours - back in the Olden Times, it's now a simple matter of clicking on a link and downloading my voters.  Vote Forward has me printing out template letters with a Fill In The Blank section following I vote because.  Postcards to Voters gives me the essential information and lets me format the (less expensive) postcards myself.

I write about participating in democracy and making my voice heard and my vote as my statement of interest.  I use colorful markers and print carefully.  With football rearing its ugly head once again, having meaningful work that allows me to share space with TBG is a delightful bonus.

This year, Vote Forward is asking for bilingual letters, and they have a website with translations you can copy.... unless you have a Spanish speaking friend who can help.  You don't sign your full name, just first with a last initial, and the word VOLUNTEER clearly noted in the return address space.

If Being inside again is getting you down, I suggest clicking on one of those links and making yourself useful.  Voter suppression is everywhere.  These missives have been proven to increase voter turn out.  It's a concrete way to make a difference.

I'm going to create some postcards now.

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