Thursday, January 21, 2021

Was It Only Last Night?

I'm still smiling.

Scarlet and I played online mah jongg this morning, but mostly we talked about yesterday.  Everything we liked we both liked, in the same way, with the same over the top but what about !!!!!

After a deep dive into the Twitterverse, my guy in the sneakers carrying the littlest fur clad member turns out to be a lot more interesting than "I'm gonna be walking and carrying my kid; I better be comfortable"

He's Nikolas Ajagu, the partner (or the husband - Professor Google was unable to agree) of  Vice President Harris's niece, Meena Harris, and a bigwig at Facebook.  Those kicks sold for $2,200 (or $2,000 - again, Prof. Google fails us) off the rack, as befits a partnership between Dior and Nike's Air Jordan brand.

Personally, I have no clothing that cost $2,000.  If I did, I probably wouldn't let it touch the ground.  I'm just sayin'.

The girls with the adorable matching coats are Vice President Harris's nieces, her sister's grandkids, Nikolas's offspring, dressed as an homage to their Auntie


which will be obvious to you if you click through to the second image.

There was Schiaparelli and Chanel and Ralph Lauren. There was Doug Emhoff throwing back his head.  There was Jill Biden resting her head on The President's shoulder.  There were all the fireworks in the land.

Today I watched some of the Senate confirmation hearings for the incoming Secretary of Transportation, Mayor Pete.  There were complete sentences and attention to decorum.  I watched a normal press briefing, starring Anthony Fauci and a cast of 1000 facts, co-starring the new Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.  

I can hardly wait to turn on the news tonight.  It will be refreshingly boring, just like the rest of today.  

Doesn't it feel good?

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  1. I saw a motorcade today and it DIDN'T send me into a mild panic!
    No idea who it was, they were one block over, but for the first time in years the options were majority good!


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