Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Random Thoughts

James Bond on endless repeat was a perfect choice for a holiday weekend; I salute the tv programmer who thought it up.  It's quotable, it's easy to pick up the story, and it's easy to leave when something or someone better comes along.   It's inter-generational, whether you're all laughing at the early and cheesy special effects or tossing your derby like Odd Job.

It's nice to know that some things really don't get old.
I activated the annual incarnation of my Costco card last week.  I called the number on the peel-off tag, and an absolutely delightful young voice welcomed me, confirmed my identity, and then heartily congratulated me.

She seemed genuinely happy.  Her Have a great day! as she hung up left me smiling.   It was a typical Costco experience.
That's what I thought about over the long weekend.  I exercised and I went to the movies and I browsed Macy's housewares department with Scarlett.  I read the next five or six volumes in Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series on my Kindle.  I checked YouTube and Facebook for FlapJilly updates.

I tried to regroup for the week to come.  Three days was hardly enough.
Does it feel like there are a lot of natural disasters piling up on one another right now?  Montana's been on fire for a month. .  Puerto Rico has 50 emergency shelters stocked and ready for the Category 5 hurricane they are calling Irma, who seems to be on a collision course with Florida, too.  Houston is moldy and mosquito ridden and, in some places, still under water.

What's a person to do?

Anna Eby, never one to leave something to chance, and lawyering and rescuing small equines and being the Mayor Pro Tem of Georgetown Texas was not enough, has, with her family, created Texas Families Disaster Relief.  One road trip in and they are looking for a bigger trailer

Person to person, making a difference in their little corner of the world.  It's really all any of us can do.  They accept donations, if you're so inclined.
That's as close to reality as I'm willing to get.  I'm saving the petty and the mean and the small for tomorrow.  For today, I'll leave you with a snapshot of FlapJilly's holiday weekend.... guaranteed to put a smile on your face.... because I'm trying to make a difference in my own little corner of the world


  1. I started reading the Kate Shugak novels per your recommendation in a previous post but right now I'm starting with library books and the 1st couple were out. Are they stand alone stories or should I read them in order? Thanks!

  2. Definitely read them in order! The relationships are half the fun of the series, and you have to watch them grow.
    Have Fun!

  3. Thanks! I'll finish one and then start at the beginning. Good to know! So far I'm liking it.


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