Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Do You Buy the Insurance? - A Snippet

I always buy the insurance.  

The HVAC guy told me that the surge protectors on our furnaces were out of date.  It went something like this: If lightning strikes the house (and it could happen) they are likely to explode (not expected to, but it could happen) and then your appliances are fried. Fried.

Since no one wants fried appliances, I agreed to replace the surge protector on each furnace with new and improved models.  The technician kept explaining the wiring and the lighting but I was focused on the warranty.

If lightning strikes my house sometime in the next three years, either those surge protectors will do their job or somebody will be replacing my furnaces, free of charge.

I feel very safe and protected.


  1. For me it depends. If it's a low-price item, I don't buy the insurance. If it's something like HVAC, appliances etc... I do. I did buy it on our new dishwasher because those can get clogged. I usually weight the cost of the insurance against the cost of the actual item to replace. I think you made a good call. :)

    Sending hugs.

    Megan xxx


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