Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Teacher is Special Because.......

GRIN helped the kids at Prince Elementary make Teacher Appreciation Cards today.
It was rarely this peaceful.  
Imagine 60 third graders racing across the playground, yelling GRANNY!!! 

They were followed by littler ones
and bigger ones 
some of whom took to the ground because there was no room at the tables. 
It was a unisex event - 
everyone loves the teachers at Prince. 

There were thoughtful notes
where the sentiment 
often out-shone
 the spelling.
It's true, her teacher is so(w) nice (nis). 
Given that this is her second language, and her first year hearing it, I'm willing to let some things slide.  Yes, spelling counts.  In this instance, maybe, though,, not so much. 

GRIN supplied markers
 and stamps
 and foam stickers
Peeling the back off without damaging the butterfly required concentration
 and dexterity. 

Friends worked side by side 

often making two cards... one for each wonderful teacher.

Sometimes, it was Granny, herself, whose smile they were courting.
But mostly it was all about the teachers...
We can give it to her now!

It was 150 minutes of love and joy.
I wish you all could have been there with us.


  1. Love, love, love all the pictures! And I'm impressed with the third-grader whose English is really great for someone who's only been learning it for a year.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Megan xxx

    1. The kids are amazing - they take such good care of one another, prodding and helping and explaining. They've all "been there, done that" and, for the most part, they remember how tough it was. BUT, there re expectations in this school, and they rise to the challenge. It's the most inspiring place I go in Tucson.

  2. Great project. I'm assuming this was an after-school activity? Does the school have a regular after-school program? Maybe I could work out such a project with the after-school activity director at the school where I chaplain.

    1. We did it at lunch recess, Dk, b/c our kids don't have much of a culture of staying after school for activities. FOR SURE it would work in any controlled setting. I'm FB friending you so we can message about it.

  3. Aaack. Lunch recess for my littles is maybe 10 minutes if they've been good during lunch time. I hate the short amount of time they have to line up and go to lunch, eat lunch, play, and return to the classroom. 40 minutes!


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