Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Stroll and Roll

The pictures warm the cockles of my heart.
These were taken by Margo who brought Miss Sugar
and Sara, who brought Earl,
 to the Stroll and Roll.
While some of the kids couldn't wait to start chalking the path,
others couldn't get enough off the dogs.
The girls were interested in the free t-shirts, but Miss Sugar found a friend all her own.
She was about as soft a pooch as I'd ever felt.
Being so low to the ground gave me an excuse to sit in the watching-kids-play-soccer chairs and rest.
Mr. 9 thought that Miss Sugar was a lot smaller than his Staffordshire Terriers,
and therefore would be much easier to walk.
Earl, on the other hand, was a much sturdier creature.
This little girl is keeping all her body parts close.
Earl, being a Therapy Dog, knows to give her space.
So, nose to nose, they became acquainted.
Tentative but brave brings gentle hands to Earl, who's resting comfortably on his mat.
The ground is pretty cold for naked butts.
It's hard to tell who is more grateful, the petter or the pettee.
And then there was Violet, who pranced and presented herself and was a quiet companion as the artist worked.
She went on a walk later on.
                                 It gives new meaning to this picture.

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  1. Love all the pixs. Especially the ones with cute pups.

    Megan xxx


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