Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And Then, The Sun Came Out

I slept through my alarm this morning.  The pitter-patter of raindrops was a lovely background to a fascinating dream of which I have no memory except that of wishing I were still watching it as TBG rubbed me awake and wondered why I was still abed.

Rain smells different in the desert.  Creosote - love it or leave it and no one is in between - delights my nostrils as much as the raindrops dangling from the edges of the cholla's spines treat my eyes.  I was too late to enjoy it except through the car windows, but that was enough.

People in the desert do not drive well in the rain. It seems to bring out the worst in everyone.  Somehow, late as I was, the gentleman poking along in front of me wasn't putting me out.  I breathed in Calm and exhaled Peace and kept my eyes open and focused on the road ahead.  My insides were relaxing as my foot modulated the gas pedal.  I was already late; 30 seconds more wouldn't change anything.

It was such an unusual thought that it caught my attention.  I know that it is true, it's just that I have never said it before. I've been examining the concept of patience as part of a decades old New Year's Resolution.  Is it possible that I may have found it?

I did a major shopping after Pilates, and now my larder contains such excesses as eggs and milk and cheese and bacon. There's something satisfying my soul as I put away the jello and Special K.  I take time to feel grateful for being able to buy what I want as well as what I need, and I take out one or two items for the Food Bank's box in the library.  Free books and a feel good activity; just thinking about it makes me smile.

I put on my Color Dash t-shirt and walked with the kids at Copper Creek Elementary.  They are keeping colored cards stamped every time they complete a lap of the playground; a quarter of a mile which can be walked or run or simply ignored.  There's a party at the end for all those who fill a card; 13 miles at 1/4 mile a lap seems insurmountable to some, a piece of cake for others.  For everyone, though, there's a sticker and smile from the grey haired lady in the colorful cloak.  I tied shoelaces and heard stories about pets and agreed that the 4th grade boys were very fast, indeed. 

As a volunteer, I followed the Assistant Principal from Prince and Amphi Middle School up to her new digs as Principal; she knew I needed to walk and informed me that her kids could help me every bit as much as those at Prince. Of course, she was right.  These students are more interested in talking to me than in hearing me tell stories or sing with them, so I can concentrate on maintaining my stride and my balance as they chatter. The joy I find by sharing their space, even for just a little while, fills me to overflowing.

TBG met me for lunch and now I've come home to write to you.  It's been a totally uneventful day, the kind of day that usually has a tendency to blend into the ones before and after.  It was exactly what I needed.  I'm no longer blue..... I'm feeling turquoise and sparkly, to tell  the truth.    


  1. I actually like days that are uneventful. They make us appreciate the ones that are eventful or memorable. I love the fact that the kids at Prince and Amphi want to walk and want you to walk with them. That just warms my heart.

    Here's to uneventful and eventful days.

    Sending hugs!

    Megan xxx

    1. As Little Cuter is wont to say, "I love boring days!"

  2. Rain, groceries, small children, walking. Sounds like a pretty terrific kind of day to me.

    1. It's the kind of day I imagined for retirement. Pretty terrific, iindeed!


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