Friday, October 10, 2014

Tucson Mission Garden

The Happy Ladies Club took us to the Birthplace of Tucson today.
Located on land which has been continuously cultivated for 4100 years,
its focus is on restoring the native crops to their original home.
This Three Sisters Garden (Corn, Beans, Squash)
deserves a paragraph all its own.

These lime trees, which froze back to mere stubs last winter,
require an ode to "the right plant in the right place" all their own.
The signage itself is worthy of a post
Sadly, I have not the time
and Picasa has not the will
to allow me to create verbiage worthy of the experience.
I will try over the weekend, and you will see the results.
For now, trying to make Evernote talk to Blogger or Picasa or even my phone seems to be more than I can handle.

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