Monday, October 20, 2014

More Love

The conservative Attorney General of the State of Arizona has given up the fight.  No longer willing to tilt against the prevailing tide of judicial and public opinion, he agreed that the Circuit Court's ruling on laws similar to Arizona's left him with no choice - same sex marriage will now be legal in my state.

That's a statement which brings a smile to my face, given how I spent the beginning of my vacation.

There were simple centerpieces 
and there was carrot cake 
because the blonde bride loves carrot cake.
Little Cuter told me that.
They've been friends since they were 8. 
Their friendship spanned six or seven soccer teams.
It included tennis camps and camping trips and family ski vacations.
There are inside jokes - Little Cuter telling us to SHUT UP I'M SLEEPING when her snoring was the reason the rest of us in the tent were awake - and fond memories of pumpkin patching on the first Saturday in October for years and years and years.
Her mom and I depended upon one another like sisters, since  neither of us had family in California.  She balanced my checkbook every month and I never felt demeaned that I couldn't accomplish in four hours what she could finish in fifteen minutes.  I was never embarrassed that she knew just how much I'd spent on my VISA card.  We were in each others lives, non-invasive but totally connected.
And now her little girl is as happy as mine.
In her fabulous wedding gown, she was glowing from the inside out. 
I've never seen her so happy.... and I've known her for 21 years.
She was relaxed, comfortable in her own skin, delighting in her status and her love and her surroundings.  It filled my heart with joy.
When the evening news is filled with stories from Ferguson and Syria and Hong Kong, it's warming the very cockles of my heart that Arizona has provided a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal autumn.
With hate oozing out of every corner of the planet, why would anyone deny these two the opportunity to love ... in public ... with recognition and acceptance and pride?


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love weddings and the brides just look so amazing. Woo for Arizona coming into modern times. :)

    Thanks for sharing the lovely wedding pictures.

    Megan xxx

    1. They were amazing, Megan :) It's so nice that Arizona is joining the 21st Century!

  2. I am a big supporter of gay marriage and want it to be legal everywhere but this happening right now in states which could easily give the Senate to Republicans seems aimed at one thing. Control. The worst is all the good that is being done could be undone with a Congress deciding to do a Constitutional Amendment and enough states in the pockets of the right to amend it. It won't last as the younger generations coming up do not see this the same way. My granddaughter said they have no prejudice whatever someone is except for one thing-- bigotry which they don't accept.

    What I am afraid is the lies coming out of states like Idaho where the right claims two ministers could spend 7 years in jail for refusing to marry gays. Well the truth of that one is this is a for profit chapel run by religious couple but since it's for profit, the law of non-discrimination does apply. This kind of thing though could easily bring the right wing out in force and if the left has sat back, not donated, not worked for their candidates, maybe not even voted, it's obvious what we will have and a senate run by Mitch McConnell and a lot of tea party candidates could do anything :( So while I like the idea of gay marriage, I wish the states that have been forced into it had had it happen after the election :(

    1. That's an interesting take on the situation, Rain, and one I hadn't considered. It's too true that the Tea Partiers here in AZ could be energized as they see their point of view being swept aside.

      I hold hope for the younger generation, though. As you write, they are against bigotry and discrimination but otherwise the kids I know are too busy trying to make a living to worry about who loves whom.

      Here's to the future!


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