Monday, August 18, 2014

Lincoln Park, Revisited

It's my favorite place in my favorite city. 

It was when I moved there in 1973 and it was when I was cruising downtown two weekends ago.  I always find a perfect parking spot.
Charo the Car-O in the first free space across from the old Academy of Sciences.
I'm never disappointed.  I'm usually surprised.  I'm happy with whatever is in front of me ... and there's a lot in front of me.

After lunch with my cousin once removed (thank you, Dr's N for the relationship information), I tried to link up with old friends.  They were, unfortunately for me, on their way to a wedding.  The Realtor wasn't ready to receive me until 5pm.  I had a block of time and no place to go.  The Zoo called my name.

I had my phone/camera, a water bottle, and comfortable shoes.  There's no charge to enter the animal paradise, nor for walking on the
Yes, the murky pond on which The Cuters and I would take paddle boats on lazy summer afternoons is now a nature preserve.

We would rest under the overpass, cooling our sunbaked selves.
Now, there is this:
I took a photo of two little naturalists observing the pond scum, but their parental units were appalled.  I deleted the offending photo, apologized profusely for including their children's backs in my picture, and continued my walk.  Really, there were no identifying markers... only the backs of t-shirts and shorts .... they were a colorful blot in the bottom corner of the photograph.... but I was not out to make anyone uncomfortable.... even myself.
I can always count on Chicago to fill my need for thick greenery.  Urbs in Horto is the city's motto, and it certainly is a garden in a city up there on the north side of town.

There were settings for wedding photos, and the sweaty bridal party proved my point.
They were leaving this planted just for them area as I arrived.
Perspiration is not a good look
This metal arch is further into the park, but a prettier venue, I think. 
After following the half mile Nature Trail, I entered the Zoo.
Come back tomorrow for that part of my adventure.


  1. Hi AB, I'm finally back from vacation. I tried to respond to your post yesterday, but I was having problems on my tablet. I'm glad I was away and had really poor WiFi. Otherwise, I would have been following everything going on in Ferguson and having a pit in my stomach. Hubby told me about it some on vacation. The whole thing is extremely heartbreaking. A young man's life was snatched away and a corrupt police force is not accepting any responsibility for taking his life.

    I love the pictures of Lincoln Park and ma looking forward to the zoo pictures.

    Megan xxx

  2. Regarding the photograph with the children: It is amazing that people who are in a place with no expectation of privacy will object when they are tangentially included in a photograph. It is even worse when they are somewhere that will definitely be photographed - a parade, a performance or sport competition, graduation... And the parents who object most vociferously are the same ones that plaster their FB pages with odd pictures of their children complete with names, birthdates, vacation plans, schools attended, vehicles owned (with visible license plates), sports teams, etc. *sigh*

    1. Too true, Susan, too true. I fought to keep names off sports jerseys ("The Yankeees don't have names on their uniforms") and worry about my grandchild's on-line footprint, so I complied.... even tho it was just the back of their bodies, cuddled together and peering intently.... *sigh*


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