Monday, July 21, 2014

Random Thoughts - The Sunday Editiion

When did August become Autumn?  On our mall walk this morning Brenda Starr and I saw shoe stores filled with browns and blacks with nary a sandal in sight.  School starts on August 4th ... and that's not a district with year-round classes.  The temperatures are still in triple digits.  The summer blooming Texas Rangers have just hit their peak, matching the crepe myrtles in my courtyard that herald the height of the heat. 

School should start after Labor Day.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Prep and Pastry outdid itself this morning.  We met Cali Grammy after our walk, and marveled once again at all the babies and pregnant mommies and the wonder of seeing one another after several months.  Grammy apologized as she snapped pictures of our food; "I'm one of those people...." didn't phase us at all.  We moved silverware and napkins and glasses and you are rewarded with these:
 I was encouraged to include protein along with my fruit and croissant/donut topped with strawberry glaze... real strawberries... no artificial sweetener after-taste or gloppiness in my mouth ... so I asked for a scrambled egg ... which was perfectly cooked and garnished with a pea shoot or three.
We split the pastry.
Cali Grammy waffled between the varieties and settled on these creamy and gooey fruit covered French toasts. She didn't talk much after they arrived on the table; I think she liked them.
 Meanwhile, Brenda Starr ordered the tri-tip sliders she's been eyeing since we began eating there.  She, too, was quiet once she put top on the cheddar cheese biscuit.
To no one's surprise, I kept right on talking.
James Garner died, and I am blue. 
He is ... now was ... on the short list of people with whom I'd like to share a meal. Along with Robert Mitchum and Irene Dunne and Cary Grant, his name in the cast will guarantee that I'll at least take a chance on watching the movie. 
He always seemed comfortable in his own skin; Murphy's Romance seemed more autobiographical than fictional.  He was married to the same woman since 1956, which doesn't surprise me at all.  His politics were left of center and his smile melted my heart.  He was the best Maverick ... and I'm willing to argue the point. 
He will be missed.
What do you do when the Bridal Registry is completed and you've yet to buy a gift?  The happy couple live many states away; I knew him as a college student when decorating choices were dictated by availability and portability.  Past history is no help today.
I can guess at their color scheme by examining the choices they made.  I can be creative and hope they like my choice.  Or, I could send an email and ask for guidance.
It's absolutely lovely to have this at the top of my worry list.


  1. August 4th! WOW! I cannot even fathom my kids going to school that early. Our district starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. We went one week before Labor Day one year and so many people asked our district to change it back to after Labor Day. We usually go to the Outer Banks the last part of August (and we do risk hurricanes during that time), but it also starts the fall rates and it's still nice and warm. My niece is in college now; so for the past two years we've gone the second week in August. Makes it more expensive, but we can all go as a family with my sister and brother-in-law.

    I, too, was sad abut James Garner dying. Loved him in every movie he was in. :(

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Megan xxx

    1. Family vacations heralding the end of summer...... what wonderful memories your are making for your little ones!


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