Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hobby Lobby

I don't have to say anything else, do I?  You know exactly where I stand and whether you agree with me or not.  I'm beyond fury.... bordering on incoherent rage.... trying to create sensible sentences and failing.

So, let me share my outrage by linking you to others who have said what I was thinking.

Consider the issue of China, as Kylene Beers explains it.  The goods produced in China and sold at Hobby Lobby are made under a system which encourages stringent family planning, which persecutes Christians, and which creates cheap stuff for Americans to buy at Hobby Lobby.  Trust me, Kylene Beers says it much better than I do.

Then there's  R. Scott Colglazier, who, from a minister's point of view, defends the separation of church and state simply, eloquently, and calmly.  His Take a Breath advice was welcomed; my blood pressure was soaring.

Granted, I'm only reading sites which support my prejudices.  I'm too disheartened to face gloating right now.  So, on I searched.

I found Jack Jenkins, at Think Progress, who told me Why the Hobby Lobby Decision Actually Hurts People of Faith. Quoting such radical journals as the Associated Baptist Press and the American Jewish Committee, he concludes with this:
These voices represent the majority of religious Americans who insist that today’s pro-Hobby Lobby decision isn’t about protecting “religious liberty.” Instead, it’s just a victory for one kind of religion, specifically the (usually conservative) faith of those privileged enough to own and operate massive corporations.
Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I found A Treasury of Justice Ginsburg's Real Talk in Her Hobby Lobby Dissent.  I'm not enough of a legal geek to plow through the verbiage at first blush, but Michelle Dean, at Gawker, translates Ginsburgian-italics into Deanisms... and I was smiling when I clicked away to start this post for you.

If you're too upset to read further, I understand.  If you are looking for a totally biased representation of well-written prose on my side of the subject, click through.  PLEASE don't try to engage in a "change the mind" conversation in the comments; I fear, as does Justice Ginsburg, that if you do we will have wandered into a minefield. 


  1. I think you know me well enough to know I'm with you on this one. What really makes me angry is that Hobby Lobby is trying to decide for women what's best for them. Meanwhile, their retirement plans are riddled with pharma investing in companies that make birth control. They are the biggest hypocrites! As I was reading about this on Monday, this is all about the Affordable Care Act. They were providing birth control to their employees before the ACA.

    I'm still fuming. I'll write more later after I have a cup of tea.

    This court is so off the mark on so many issues.

    Megan xxx

    1. Yes, they were providing contraceptive care that they can now opt out of before the ACA. Thinly disguised political maneuvering...... this Court is scary.

      Enjoy your tea <3

  2. I feel the same way and when I learned Mother Jones found that 'so religious' family had investments in the contraceptive and 'abortifacient' companies, it just went beyond rage to something that needs a new word. These wealthy people make wealth have a bad name as their total selfishness and self-righteousness is so like Jesus described of the Pharisees. It's hard to believe what we are seeing. :( Hard won rights can never be taken for granted.

    I say boycott them, and all the companies doing this to their female employees. Although with Hobby Lobby, I never buy from places like that anyway; so it's not hard for me to do.

    1. Boycott.... Rage.... "doing this to their female employees"...... once again, Rain, you and I are reading form the same page.

      Personally, I'm a Michael's girl..... great discounts, lovely staff, and very very GRIN friendly.

  3. I've never bought from Hobby Lobby. Don't plan to start now. Same with Amazon. These big companies are telling us how to live and they can do it with their power and money. My small pittance, though, does not stand up against all the people who are buying "stuff" in crazy numbers and fueling these large companies.

  4. What a sad day for the freedom of women. I've rarely been into a Hobby Lobby and now I never will again. My fury is intense!

  5. It was a bone-headed decision. I really did not believe it when I heard.


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