Friday, July 5, 2013

Random Thoughts - The Independence Day Edition

I wore my American flag pants to the gym this morning.  
I probably should have run a brush through my hair before TBG took my picture; I resisted Little Cuter's demand that I post it to Facebook immediately.  Though there's a movement to be more honest when describing your life on the social media site (Why? Who wants to see the crappy pieces of my day?), I wasn't  up for humiliation so early in the morning.  

But, after I got home, having enjoyed the smiles of my fellow sweat-ees, I gave in.
It is now shared with you and the rest of the on-line world.
I have no shame.
On the other hand, my daughter texted God, I love you! so it can't be all bad.
We are, once again, the only people in our neighborhood who are displaying a flag.
Someday, I will install a more permanent holder.
For now, I wedge the pole into the concrete and wrap silver gardening wire around the column
As long as the wind isn't too strong, it's a perfect, if temporary, solution.
I like the colors against the sky,.
The rest of my attempts at beautifying my front yard have fallen victim to the heat.
My pots are boring.
 The poor columnar cactus toppled over last week.
It's fatter at the top than at the bottom; a victim of too much love, obviously.
We went to Sauce for pizza and salad at lunchtime. 
It was kiddie-city.
We usually argue about who gets the view of the little ones in a restaurant.
Today, it was not an issue.
They were everywhere.

I do not think there is a sexier image than 
a daddy supporting an infant on his chest, 
resting a grown up chin on feathery hair.  
Fireworks are sequestered out of military bases.
Local authorities are warning of brush fires started by home grown displays.
So much controversy; I'm steering clear of it all. 
Instead, I'll focus on the weather.

I never remember feeling dry on the Fourth of July.
We went to the boardwalk and watched the fireworks explode over the ocean.
It was July in New York; humidity was the rule, not the exception.
We came home and ran around the yard with sparklers, then fell into bed, exhausted from cotton candy and oohing and aahhing.
I don't remember parades on the Fourth of July.
Our town's big one was on Memorial Day, 
or so it seems to me from a distance of five decades and more.
It was a lifetime ago and it was yesterday.
I can smell the citronella and see my siblings and my cousins-next-door chasing fireflies, 
flailing glass jars wildly as they ran.
My next-door-Aunt-and-Uncle are on the plaid woven lawn chairs
and did you know that if you search for plaid woven lawn chairs this is the image that appears?

toasting marshmallows over the barbecue Daddooooo tends .
There's a picnic table and a wooden swing
and we're allowed to light our sparklers from the flames.
No matter how many arguments I'd heard all day,
that moment, right there,
was perfect.
Happy Independence Day Weekend.
Whether you are at work or at play, see if you can't take a moment to feel good about the USofA... dysfunctional as it may be.  Democracy is hard work; ask Egyptian President Morsi for his take on the subject.  It's messy and awkward and poses quite interesting questions... questions which are not always answered to my personal satisfaction.  Still, I am reassured by the fact that we live in a nation which imprisons a man for interfering with my right to participate in the business of government.

It's my right, and it's my responsibility.
I always knew it; in the last few years, I've been feeling it more profoundly.
If you'd like to participate, click here and tell an elected official what you think about something.
Agree with him, disagree with her, challenge or congratulate them.... it doesn't matter.
Make your voices heard.
That's what's important.
That's what they were willing to sacrifice everything to achieve - to have their voices heard.  We owe it to them, and to ourselves, to learn the lesson and to act on that knowledge.

Democracy demands an involved citizenry.
In ancient Athens, slaves roamed The City with a red rope; any citizen it touched was fined for being on the streets instead of governing in the Assembly.
Today, with so many fast and simple ways to communicate, it behooves us to do more than complain to our neighbors and friends. 
 It's only a representative government if we communicate with our representatives.  

I'll stop ranting now.


  1. We were surprised that we were the only ones out in our rural area flying an American flag. Some is religion where they evidently think the flag is a symbol of worship. Some are those who fly the don't tread on me flags. Maybe some is apathy. We do fly it though for major patriotic holidays even when we also don't like everything the country is doing.

    1. Having the flag co-opted by the right during Viet Nam, I relish the opportunities to fly it, as you say... even when we don't like everything the country is doing.

  2. LOVE the pants! So patriotic. I've loved the other posts from this week too. I've been home with the kids though; so it's harder to read and focus. I have a few minutes to myself right now why my little guy is watching something on my iPad and my tween is still asleep and my eight year-old is playing club penguin on my older laptop.

    I didn't even think about fireworks and the brush fires. We had fireworks going on all around us last night. Some people were doing them until midnight. My little guy fell asleep at 8:30. He was covered in watermelon juice and sticky. Put him into a bath, put jammies on him and he fell fast asleep--and stayed asleep even with all of the booming going on outside. It's been really hot here in DC, but no where as hot as it's been in AZ.

    Do try and stay cool (figuratively and physically). :)

    Hope you enjoyed your 4th.

    Megan xxx

  3. I just gave two of those plaid woven lawn chairs to a charity. They were my parent's, from the 50's and still worked as well as the day they bought them.

    1. Someday I'll write about when my siblings and I tried to reweave our parents' !


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