Friday, July 12, 2013


She's the girl at climbing camp.  
Not the only girl, the girl.
She sat next to someone else at lunch.
He was devastated.

Acorns not falling far from oaks, this son of two lawyers made a list.
The title is my favorite part: do.
Not "to do," which would put it out in the future somewhere.
Not "what i can do to make her like me," which drowns in its own verbiage.

He starts out by taking matters into his own hands - he will choose to sit beside her.
How often have I waited to see what life would bring, rather than making the decision my own?
This is a confident young man, and it shows.

He will excel, because success is very attractive, 
and he will be sure that she notices, since he'll be in her line.
While they are waiting and chatting, he'll give her his undivided attention,
while behaving like a gentleman.
Resisting the urge to mess around is tough when you're a tween.
She must be a very special young lady.

And then, when she's noticed that he is the one most deserving of her attentions,
he'll make her feel like the funniest kid on the planet.

I ask you - how could she resist him?

P.S. His mother is as concerned about his spelling and capitalization as you are.
This was not the time for corrections, though.
This was a moment to cherish.


  1. LOVE IT! So cute! I was just reading some like this one on HuffPo. I think hubby was getting annoyed because I just kept chuckling and then proceeded to read them aloud to him. I keep all of my kids notes like this--even the ones where my second daughter was calling her older sister a poo poo head.

    Have a great Friday.

    Megan xxx

  2. This is precious and heartbreaking at the same time. That heartache of wanting that special someone's attention is unforgettable! I love it! Is other side of the list titled "Say?" Thanks for sharing!

  3. So glad I could bring some joy by sharing this. He's a sweet young man... big eyes and a big heart... yes, he will ache <3


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