Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring Carnival

GRandparentsINresidence was at work last week.
Prince Elementary School's teachers hosted the annual Spring Carnival,
and we were there to help.
 Debbie and Donna did popcorn (no racy allusions to movies gone by, please),
and Sherri and Bobbie (who escaped my camera's lens) did nachos,
and high school seniors sold our wares.
They are seniors at Amhpi High School
One's joining the navy.
The other plans to become a doctor.
Watching them hawk our goodies proved that they can do anything.

The teachers had much too much fun spinning sugar for cotton candy
and the kids had fun watching them.
There were impromptu picnics on the planters
and on the ground.
There were big brothers
and little sisters
and there were smiles
 lots and
 of smiles.
The best part of the afternoon came at the end, when Debbie, who joined GRIN after hearing about it over lunch at the Literary Society Luncheon last winter, laughed as she shrugged and said that she had an overwhelming urge to write me a thank you note for giving her the chance to get greasy over popping corn.  

Doing good while having fun and feeling your heart swell.... that's what it's all about.


  1. My Friday is better already just seeing those beautiful children. Thank you AB.

    1. You are welcome! SO glad to be able to share the joy!

  2. Beautiful. LOVE all of those happy, smiling children. Made my day too.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Megan xxx

    1. No matter how tired or achy I feel, they lift my heart. Happy long weekend to you, too!

  3. Stunning. ADORE all those pleased, grinning kids. Created my personal day time as well.

    Possess a fantastic weekend break.

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