Monday, April 15, 2013

San Francisco's Painted Ladies

Even the plain houses are special in San Francisco.
Just a little change of color makes such a difference. 
 Only in San Francisco would you see a purple garage door.
 Or a pink and orange garage door.
Even the yogi's get into the act.
These lighter window treatments seem to be holding the prahna inside the building. 
Without being gaudy, the trim makes it special. 
 I couldn't get enough of the purple.
 I wonder if these neighbors consulted about sharing a pallette?
There are so many details to be considered. 

It takes a lot of work to create these beauties.

But, when they are finished, they are just as I'd imagined them to be before I ever set foot in the City. 

Yup, just as I'd imagined they would be.


  1. I love the character of San Francisco. My BIL and his family live on 8th street and my nephew has a view of the Golden Gate bridge from his bedroom. A friend of mine and her husband lived on Scott street, but their place was tiny. They moved to Bend, Oregon over eight years ago. She was in love with SF when she first moved there, but grew tired of her commute on BART to the financial district. I guess we can all find faults if we live in a place long enough. That's probably why I like to visit SF. :)

    Hope you are enjoying your time there.

    Megan xxx

    1. I liked living in Marin and visiting the city. Little Cuter could see the bridge from her bedroom window, too :)

  2. I find these buildings in San Francisco fascinating. Imagine if the houses in your neighborhood are also painted with lovely colors. Well, there are some cities around the world with colorful houses. Mexico, South Africa, and Italy are the most famous ones when it comes to it. Anyhow, that purple garage door is very eye-catching. It took me a while before I continued scrolling down the page. Hehe!

    Sharron Folkes @ PricesDoors

  3. Expect a lot of colorful and fascinating buildings when you go to San Francisco. Colors truly embody the beauty of most house structures there. Seeing those colorful Victorian houses makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale town. Haha! But they truly exist in real life! Their roofs, sidings, doors, and windows were truly beautiful and well-preserved!
    Sol Hendricks @ Diamond Contracting


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