Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Golden Gate Park

Every city has its oddities. 
San Francisco has bison
They live in Golden Gate Park, just beyond the windmill. 
Yes, there's a windmill... actually, there are two windmills... at the ocean end of Golden Gate Park.
It's a wonderfully San Francisco kind of place.
 Look at that map. 
Those are road, and lakes, and polo fields.
There are swales for picknicking and trails for running.
There are trees to be admired and blossoms to be smelled.
Even the weeds made me smile.
Sitting on a bench,

watching the world go by, with this as the backdrop,
 we took pictures of all sorts of different kinds of humans, with their cameras, making memories for them to take home. We watched doggies drink from their own sized fountain
and watched TBG wash bird poop off his leg.
We were amazed by the bubbles these people were creating.
I, of course, have plans to replicate this.
I paid close attention to their technique.
 No matter how old you are, 
it's still fun to see if the balloon will make it all the way across the road without bursting.
Directly across Spreckles' Lake were these two gentlemen.
They were using remote control to maneuver their sailboats .
It was mindlessly peaceful to watch. 
 As the world seems to descend deeper and deeper into a morass of horrible, loud noises,
turn off the news reports and 
sit beside us,
on the bench.
It's a lovely place to be.

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