Friday, February 15, 2013

Making Valentines With The Big Kids

It was Valentines Day at the Prince/Amphi campus, and the celebration was in full swing.
 There was lots of love to be shared
and GRandparentsINresidence was there to help.
We covered the tables at the far end of the cafeteria with wrapping paper
and spread out the stickers and the markers and the tape and the design-punches 
next to the candy in the baskets.
Next year I'm bringing five times as much candy; it was gone after the first lunch period ended.
Some went on the cards.
Some went in the mouths.
I brought deckle edge and jagged edge and curved edge scissors. 
As always, the stickers were a big hit.
Much time and attention were devoted to placing each one, just so. 
The glue sticks were dry and useless.
Scotch tape was a semi-satisfactory substitute. 
This was a lunch time project, and though we tried to keep the food away from the crafts, 
we were sometimes less than successful. 
Some artists were chatty 
while others took a more serious approach.
Some of the cards were sealed
and some were filled with verbiage. 
One Direction (the newest boy band, we were informed) was a common theme. 
As one who debated the relative wonderfulness of George vs Paul vs John vs Ringo,
I suppose I shouldn't judge..... 
The candy was requested, never grabbed.
These are very polite middle schoolers. 
There were some spelling issues 
and some fairly fabulous faces
decorated and redecorated until they were just right.
The boys weren't shy about participating, either.

In fact, one of them created my favorite card of all.
All it took was $25 in supplies and less than two hours of time.
All we got were smiles and thanks and hugs and gratitude.
It was, we all agreed, a pretty good deal all around.

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  1. What a great project, both for you and the kids. I love it.


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