Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Wrong... So Very, Very Wrong

This is not supposed to be happening on my windshield.
 I live in Tucson, in the desert.
The signage is not supposed to be covered with snow. 
 My sneakers should not be leaving prints in the snow.
 The Schnozz should not need a handkerchief.
It's so very, very wrong.

Brother and I drove up to Biosphere 2 this morning.
A lovely lady from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho took our picture.
She was trying to laugh about the snow following her to Arizona,
but her shorts-clad companions were not amused. 

Neither was I.
Yes, that is snow on my polar fleece.
It's just wrong.
The succulents were being very brave, covered in all that snow.
 The prickly pear cacti seemed to huddle together for warmth.
If this doesn't look like a scene from the northern plains, 
perhaps all those cowboy movies have led me astray.
But it's not.  It's just off Rte 77 in Arizona.
Brother didn't want to bother with his coat when we decided to eat instead of tour.
Mistake.... BIG mistake.
 The tables at Carlotta's tried to cheer us up,
 with their images of warmth and sunshine.
But even this flowery water cooler 
couldn't make up for what was waiting for us outside the thrift store.
 I felt as disgruntled as this barrel cactus looked.
 That's the view from the front window right now.
Yes, that's snow.
It's so very, very wrong.


  1. Hilarious. Our renters talked about it also but they're okay with it since they come from Redmond Oregon where it's freezing often in winter; so they're still happy to be in Arizona.

    I've seen snow at our Tucson house for Easter. That year we went out to Sabino to take photos. Pretty when it happens but it won't last long ;)

    We've had an unusual winter up here with gray day after gray day and no real freezes yet. That will probably come about the time the fruit trees set blossoms.

    1. exactly! Woke up to snow on the rosemary and lantana and the cacti staring at me in reproach!

      Tomato plants are in at the nursery but I can't plant them in frosty soil :(

  2. Makes for pretty snow pictures, anyway. Oh, btw, what climate change?

  3. Bwah ha ha ha ha!!
    (from cold and icy Bloomington)

  4. I saw a comment on Mrs. Crayola's B page and thought she was some place else when she said she was enjoying the snow. Couldn't believe the pixs when I saw them. Just showed them to hubby because I was shocked and he said it does snow in Arizona. Again, my perceptions of the desert are totally off.

    I hope you had time to play in it before it all melted.

    Megan xxx

  5. Perhaps it's wrong, but it's sure beautiful. I was just telling my husband that it's been such a long time since we've been in snow.

  6. Welcome to MY WORLD, November to April!!!
    So, you miss the snow.

  7. Makes for pretty snow pictures, anyway. Oh, btw, what climate change?

    gw2 gold


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