Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chalk Art at the Stroll and Roll

There were smiles.
Most of all, there were smiles.
 There were flowers
 and butterflies
 and trains.

 CTG was remembered
 by family and friends and new immigrants whose hearts were in the right place, 
even if their English was just a little bit off.
 The path was 3.2 miles round trip, and it was, no doubt a
  There was an acknowledgment of the sense of community.

There were races begun
 and ended.
 There were pleas for help
and notes that ran out of room. 
 Can't you see the little one knowing that the words were more important than the spacing 
and not wanting to lose the connection by moving his feet and stepping back ?

There was lots of love

 and lots of inspiration.
 There was relief
 and more love.
This one comes in two parts:

"I *heart* you dad and my dad 
said I *heart* you too"

 That's all there was. 
I want to meet this person.

 There were instructions of all sorts.

 And much marking of territory

 Last year, at the first Stroll and Roll, Little Cuter and SIR drew a HUG SPOT.  
It made everyone smile, so we made some more.
 They took on interesting incarnations.
Someone wanted to stop and hear a story.

 Some were obvious.
I wish I'd been here to see this one in action. 

 This is the one in the same spot they put theirs last year. 
Over the course of the day, it acquired a serif, a smiley face, and rays of sunshine.  
Though this may be an option for some,
next year I plan to walk along with everyone else.

This year, I walked one way, 
stopping to take pictures of the nearly 300 pieces of chalk art.

A year ago, I could barely get 100 yards down the path.

Two years ago I was at the grocery store with Christina-Taylor.

I haven't the faintest idea where I was three years ago.
I'm looking forward to the day when that will be the norm.

For now, I'm going with the love.


  1. Love is good! I'll go with that, too.

  2. I like all the "spots". Like hug spot, dance spot, story spot. So clever and so full of enthusiasm and love. Love goes on.

    Thinking of you today and sending warm, loving hugs!

    Megan xxx

  3. Love. Yes, Suzi, let's imagine it and make it real - so that is all we can remember.

  4. Hi Suzi aka Ashleigh Burroughs. I loved reading your post about the Stroll and Roll in Tucson,Arizona this last weekend. What a great way to commemorate the lives of the victims who perished that sunny Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Safeway store two years ago especially Christina Taylor Green aka CTG. Everyone in the World will realize that good will always triumph over evil in these atrocities whether they be in Tucson, Arizona; Aurora,Colorado; Madison, WI, ; Clackamas,Oregon ; or Newton, CT. The fact that some lunatic tried the same thing exactly two weeks before Christmas here did not sit well with local residents and the fact that our beloved law enforcement practiced a situation like this last summer caught the gunmen off guard. The only difference is that our lunatic could not face the consequences of what he had done because he shot himself. He took the chicken's way out and I truly believe he is paying for his evilness with the ultimate arbitrator, our Lord Jesus Christ. My college age son frequented Clackamas Town Center when he was attending high school near by and I frequently waited there to pick him after his school was out. Until It touched my local community I could not fathom what evilness existed out there. Once, your local community is impacted it is a different story. But, the Thursday after the shooting General Properties (The Mall Management Company) placed thousands of blank heart shaped cards around the mall for individuals to leave their thoughts on. It was definitely a great sight to see and showed that every local community shattered by a tragedy like this could live on. Also, a local group of individuals are seriously thinking about erecting a memorial to the victims near the food court where they perished similar to Christina Taylor Green's memorial in Tucson, Arizona.
    Finally, I totally agree with the previous comment Left on your blog Suzi. "Let's imagine it and make it real - so that is all we can remember." LOVE IS GREAT !


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