Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PWR!Gym Rules

There was a time, not that long ago, when I perceived these as formidable obstacles.
That was before I met Becky Farley.
I used to go to the gym and lift and press half my body weight.
Now, walking on this balance beam, 
mere inches off the floor, is a major accomplishment.
For those of us with a compromised ability to put one foot directly in front of the other, not deviating as we compensate for our disabilities, that little height is a challenge.

Becky just laughs and asks me to turn around and try it again, this time with gusto.

The gym is furnished with gently used cast offs from Canyon Ranch and local gyms.
The bikes may be last year's models, but they are newer than the ones at LA Fitness, my "real" gym.

The BoSu (Bottom Side Up) is bouncy enough to repel my good leg and cosset my damaged one. 
Becky has me bounding off it, using hiking poles for balance.
It's a good thing the floor is rubbery and safe; I've never landed on it but it's nice to know that I wouldn't hurt myself if I did.  

Becky's expertise is Parkinson patients.
The program gets them down on the floor and has them challenge themselves in all sorts of ways they doubt they can..... oh, my, there I am doing it after all.....
There are cables of all dimensions and tensions, attached to the walls and the ceilings
and the poles
Hanging from them relieves the pressure from my hip and helps me learn to walk with enthusiasm.

The  hiking sticks seem to multiply each time I return.
Those black poles to their right are used to keep my shoulders parallel to the ground.

There is all manner of support and encouragement and gaiety in this space.
 It's easy to imagine getting better.

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