Monday, April 2, 2012

And the Winners Are.....

Kentucky trounced The Bride and Groom's Kansas Jayhawks (who, despite a valiant run at the end were clearly out-manned) and Da Bibstah wins the pool.... but only by a small fraction.  TeNNiSMoMAZ and Carol 86303 were only 10 points behind ...
SO, the reward will be shared between the 3 of you.  Da Bibstah (also known as Big Cuter) is happy with the fame and notoriety attached to this major accomplishment.  Yes, you do picks better than your mother does.... and I am admitting it in public for all to see.

Carol and TeNNiSMoMAZ will each receive t-shirts and butterfly magnets to celebrate their achievement.  Send a private email to me at  with a mailing address and your swag will be on its way!

CONGRATS!  (and)  THANKS to all who participated


  1. Yay! I only marginally follow basketball (I don't have cable so can't always watch games) but since I read your blog I wanted to enter a bracket contest this year, based on your prizes! I do recognize the names of many of the schools who won, but I wanted to say here (before I email you privately) why I picked Kentucky: If the UA Wildcats aren't in it, I always pick the Kentucky Wildcats. Sorry to those of you who have more scientific methods! (AKA Carol86303)

  2. YAY!! A Wildcat fan to the end, aren't you?!
    Glad The Burrow could entice you to join The Madness.

  3. WooHoo!!!! For one who NEVER WiNs, I was so delighted to see KeNTuCkY win last night. I was really worried about my bracket early on! Thanks so much for including us. ;)

  4. The Cheeses are very sad today. One of them used to teach at Kansas, the other lived in Lawrence at the same time, and the third Cheese despises Kentucky athletics and everything ugly and dishonest for which it stands. :(


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