Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

It's quite lovely to be sitting on Douglas, dinner dishes cleaned up and Big Cuter on the phone talking Tebow with his dad, my fingers typing random nonsense to you.  I am reveling in this new year.
Ron Paul came in second in New Hampshire's primary and only Rachel Maddow wondered if the Republican Party was paying any attention to that fact.  Wanting all perspectives on the situation, we left CNN for Fox, lasted about two minutes and found Rachel asking if the platform might represent Ron Paul's views.  After all, nearly 20% of primary voters find him attractive.

I'm trying to remain calm as I contemplate President Paul dismantling our government.
My dentist has a sonic tooth polisher.  There was no pressing, no whirring, no tingling from my teeth to my toes when I went in for a cleaning today.  Instead, there was a gentle stream of water and a strong pulsing sensation but none of my usually sensitive spots sent me jumping or flailing.  Strange as it might sound, it was actually a pleasant experience.
School buses and left-lane-toads combined to make a 40 minute trip an exercise in patience and deep breathing.  As I try to consider what internal turmoil is fogging the brain of the 20-something tooling along in the fast lane, 10 miles under the speed limit, I am also trying to stifle the urge to honk my horn as forcefully as my palms can smack it.

Isn't it possible to be distracted in the right lane?
The construction project on our corner has raised the elevation of the road by 10'.  Sidewalks have been laid and curbs have been poured.  There's no pavement, but we have high hopes.  No one can understand why cement pipes 15' in diameter have been installed; obviously it's for flood control. But that intersection has never been flooded, not even in the 100 year storm of 2006.

This project was in the works for 12 years before construction began last summer.  I ought to check out the weather patterns back then.  Perhaps it was very very wet and they were very very worried.
John Huntsman misfiled his primary application and Arizona's Secretary of State has left him off the ballot.  Apparently, an un-notarized, photocopied form just doesn't make it here in the Grand Canyon State.  It will be too bad if his views aren't represented; he's a thoughtful, smart, polished man who might make it an interesting race were he to secure the nomination.
Fox is stirring up trouble by calling Romney's win disappointing because he didn't meet the commentators' expectations.  James Carville, possibly the scariest face on television, is smirking and Juan Williams is pontificating and TBG has My Favorite Year on the tube.

It's a no-brainer.  I'm going with Benjy Stone and Alan Swan.
There are some movies that every person in my family will sit and watch at any time of the day or night, no matter the mood or the weather or the astrological sign.  Late Saturday night found us providing our own audio accompaniment to Cool Runnings.  The absolutely normal things make me so very very happy.

Happy New Year, once again, to you all.  May it make you as happy as I plan for it to make me 
(That is one of those sentences to which my children reply,"Mom, we love you.  You make no sense, but we love you. )


  1. I'm glad to hear the year is shaping up nicely for you. I think I will take a cue from you and have mine do the same. :-)

  2. I'm glad someone's year is staring out on a the right footing. I've had sick children, a micro-manager on my case and suffering anxiety because I was out of my Zoloft for a few days and now I just feel off being back on it.

    I love your random thoughts. They make me chuckle, but also we get a really good idea of what makes you happy and what perturbs you. The left hand lane driving makes me go batshit crazy. It's one of my huge pet peeves.

    Speaking of batshit crazy... even writing out President Paul sent a shiver down my spine. Uggghhh! The guy and his son are just whack jobs. Now I'm going to say something I never thought I would say, but there's something about Huntsman that I do like. Maybe he seems more mainstream to me and maybe it's that he has some good ideas.

    Sorry for sharing my random thoughts today.

    Big hugs,

    Megan xxx

  3. Don't be sorry, Megan. Sharing thoughts makes this a blog and not a newspaper column.

    I'm intrigued by Huntsman, too. Maybe he just seems normal next to the nuttiness of his competitors?

    Let's hope you can follow Nerthus (hi!) and me into a better frame of mind as 2012 goes on.

  4. Thanks AB for understanding. ♥

    I saw your what you are watching right now and had to see if you've watched Colbert's Super Pac commercials. So hilarious!

  5. I love this post because it made me feel like I was sitting on Douglas next to you.

  6. Aren't those sonic cleanings the best? I love watching the New Hampshire primary; when I lived there it was a trip having access to so many candidates and being polled all the time. The northern tier of the state loves going with rogue candidates, so I was not surprised by Ron Paul. People that want to pack heat all the time love him, sadly.


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