Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Hero

She's the feel good story of the day.  I'm honored to be attached to her coattails.

"I miss you" was the operant phrase, and for the first time I saw on Rep. Giffords' face just how big a toll this decision was taking.  Saying goodbye is never easy.  Leaving a good job isn't either.  Watching her sit and stand, faux-clapping and looking brave, my heart was heavy.

Literally.  I never knew that phrase in such a visceral sense before watching my Congresswoman mount the stairs to the Speaker's chair.  My hip hurt for her as she lugged her unresponsive side up two or three of the biggest highest most torturous steps ever created.  She teetered.... I gasped.... and TBG and I both exhaled "Oh, Mark!" as our brains went immediately to her husband, entrusting the safety of the person he cares most about in the whole wide world to John Boehner and Debbie Wasserman Schulz. 

Sometimes you have to have been-there-done-that to know just how anxious even an astronaut might be in a moment like that.  I could feel the vibes across town from the other 11 survivors and their families.  She's one of us and we need to be sure that she's safe.  

Sure, there's an odd election cycle created by her decision; I'm not averse to more conversation on the direction our country should take.  Besides, Congresswoman Giffords resigned so that I could be represented, so that my voice could be heard.  It's vaguely unseemly, it seems, (sorry, I couldn't resist).... it's awkward to second guess a woman for whom this decision has been all consuming, don't you think?  If Gabby thought resigning today was the right thing to do, I won't question her judgment.

I wrote more about Gabby for BlogHer.  Click here if you want more of my thoughts on her retirement.


  1. I heard a short piece on NPR about her resignation, and my thoughts immediately went to you. And Christina-Taylor, and Mark, and all the others that continue to be affected every day. Without your posts, that news story would have just been another passing blip in my day. Thanks for sharing your heart on here. I always come away encouraged from it.

  2. So glad to know that my ramblings help...

  3. AB, that's a beautiful piece on BlogHer. One has to admire Gabby for doing what's right and not letting her heart get in the way. I'm sure she wanted to continue in Congress, but something had to give. If she went back too soon, she could relapse and not progress in her recovery. Her job right now is to get better. She will get better and she will be back. She doesn't seem like the type of person that will not come back to public service. It's always better to give of yourself 100% than do too many things at half the effort.

    Now she can get well in private. I'm sure the stress of trying to recover in the spotlight has taken its toll too--especially when there are days when you don't want to put on a brave face. I know you do that too because your recovery has been so public too. My motto though is take care of you. Everything else will fall into place.

    Sending big hugs.

    Megan xxx


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