Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where's My Halloween Spirit?

I've missed a lot this past year, at least as far as holiday decor goes.  My Valentines Day box, the Easter bunnies, the American flags for Memorial Day and July 4th..... all undisturbed in the garage.  I missed them, but not enough to direct someone else to place them just so.  Maneuvering them off the shelves myself was impossible, and anyway, my one and only job was to heal.  I gave myself a pass.

Now it's the middle of October.  Halloween is 2 weeks away.  I have one pillow, 

one candle holder

and my blinking haunted house

That's it.  No rows of orange plastic pumpkins lining the stairs; there are no stairs.  No wheeled ghosts or goblins or scarecrows to trip on; no children have been in this house for ages.  G'ma has all my straw decor; TBG claimed it made him sneeze.

I managed to save these for the powder room

but it's a far cry from the days of crescent moon shaped soaps and tiny erasers in the shapes of bats and cats nestled amongst black and white stones in the soap dish.

Even TBG remarked that my decorating is more restrained this year.

I found this fellow and managed to stick him in the courtyard

but I know that the first big gust of wind will carry him over.  Alas, that's not enough to motivate me to get out and push just a little bit harder.  What will be will be.  It's only decorations.

And I believe that until I look further out toward the street and don't see a scarecrow.  We recycled a week's worth of newspaper yesterday, so even if I had the energy to create one I am missing the key ingredient for the stuffing.  I found the clothes for him, neatly washed and folded on top of box #1, waiting to be displayed against the big rock out front.  I just don't have the oomph.

My cheetah... he really had the moves
Am I old?  Am I tired? Am I decrepit? Am I missing some kids to help?

Yes and no and really, who cares?  Does it really matter?

The new improved relaxed and confused me is just accepting that it is what it is and I am moving on.

Seret taught me that years ago, and tonight, as she's cooking for my kids and I'm thinking about Halloweens past, it's a good memory to have.

I'm just going to enjoy sitting on Douglas, snuggling with my sweetie.  I'll make a scarecrow next year.  
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  1. I don't blame you one bit. I have a few things displayed, but I don't go all out for holidays other than Christmas. When there are no children around on a regular basis, decorations don't really matter so much.

  2. The only time I did any decorating for Halloween, I had small children. Basically for years I only really decorated for one holiday-- Christmas with a big Christmas village with snow, the obligatory tree, a collection of angels, lights, etc etc. Then I began to delete which of those I did until the last two years, a few angels went up but that was it. Let's just say I am not a fan of seasonal or holiday decorating for myself although I enjoy seeing what others did as it seems like fun-- until I think about it for my house and then it just seems like a lot of kitsch that has to be put away later. If I had a bigger house, I might be more tolerant of doing it or if we regularly entertained seasonally but we don't.

  3. AB, I have three kids and I don't go all out for Halloween. It's only one day. I spend my energy on Christmas decorations because I can have them up the whole month of December. We do have some plastic pumpkins out that we bought at Target a couple of years ago, but that's the extent to my decorating for Halloween.

    Save your energy for the times when you truly want to decorate and where you have the most payoff (like the winter holidays of Hanukah and Christmas).

    By the way, I love your decorations. You have way more than I do for Halloween. :)

    Happy Wednesday.

    Megan xxx

  4. I don't fault you 1 bit. I have a few things displayed, but I don't go all out for holidays other than Christmas. When you can find no children around on a regular basis, adornments don't actually matter a lot.
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